Glacier Kjenndalsbreen.

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The Western Fjords

It's a picturesque run of 21km or so up the Lodalen valley to reach this offshoot of the glacier, perhaps the least visited of the four main tongues. The road leads past the brilliant turquoise glacial lake of Lovatnet, then reaches a toll gate (40kr), where you can stop at a lovely picnic spot and hire a bike, canoe or rowing boat, before undertaking the final 5km to the glacier viewing point.

You may not be alone, but you'll be in far less company than at Briksdalsbreen, just over the mountain.

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1. Bødalsbreen

4.32 MILES

Near to Kjenndalsbreen is this minor glacial tongue providing a couple of good hiking possibilities.

2. Briksdalsbreen

8.16 MILES

The main target for most visitors on the northern side of the park is this impressive glacier, which can be reached along a scenic 23km road from Olden…

3. Bøyabreen

20.01 MILES

The more spectacular of the two glacial tongues accessible from Fjærland, Bøyabreen looms majestically at the end of the wooded valley. There's a car park…

4. Supphellebreen

20.81 MILES

Reached via a turn-off from the main road north from Fjærland, this small glacier creeps down the mountainside into an isolated valley. Trails lead from…

5. Dalsnibba

22.18 MILES

For the highest and perhaps most stunning of the many stunning views of the Geiranger valley and fjord, take the 5km toll road (130kr per car) that climbs…

6. Norwegian Glacier Museum

24.31 MILES

You can't miss this striking museum: it's a concrete wedge marooned among a sea of grass on the way into Fjærland, and even has a couple of model woolly…

7. Peer Gynt Galleriet

24.43 MILES

An only-in-the-fjords extravaganza, bas-relief wood carvings fashioned by local carpenter Oddvin Parr illustrate the Peer Gynt legend, along with a 35…

8. Flydalsjuvet

24.52 MILES

You'll have seen that classic photo somewhere, beloved of brochures, of the overhanging rock Flydalsjuvet, usually with a figure gazing down at a cruise…