Top choice in Trondheim

Scandinavia's largest wooden palace, the 140-room late-baroque Stiftsgården, was constructed as a private residence in the late 18th century, at the height of Trondheim's golden age. It is now the official royal residence in Trondheim. Admission is by tour only, every hour on the hour. The publicly accessible garden around the east side (enter via Dronningens gate) is one of Trondheim's loveliest corners.

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Nearby Trondheim attractions

1. King Olav Tryggvason Statue

0.08 MILES

The epicentre of town is Torvet, the central square (also spelt 'Torget') with its statue of King Olav Tryggvason atop a column that acts as a huge…

2. Modern Art Gallery

0.11 MILES

This small private gallery exhibits the work of modern Norwegian painters; most of what you see is for sale.

4. Olavskirken Ruins


During excavations for the library on Kongens gate, archaeologists found the ruins of a 12th-century church, thought to be Olavskirken, now visible…

5. Vitensenteret


Children especially will enjoy the hands-on experiments at this practical, active centre with over 150 models to choose from.

6. Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum

0.21 MILES

The permanent collection of this splendid museum exhibits the best of Scandinavian design, including a couple of bijou art-nouveau rooms. A whole floor is…

7. Trondheim Kunstmuseum

0.28 MILES

Trondheim's Art Museum, a stone's throw from the cathedral, houses a permanent collection of modern Norwegian and Danish art from 1800 onwards, including…

8. Trøndelag Senter for Samtidskunst


Run by artists, this gallery space showcases all that's innovative and experimental in the local and national art scene. In the manner of modern galleries…