The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a huge rise in staycations, and the appetite for hiring or purchasing recreational vehicles is experiencing a boom at present. A new campervan rental marketplace has opened in the UK, and it aims to bridge the gap between supply and current demand for safe and sustainable travel options.

Two men with surfboard heading into the sea next to a campervan
A new campervan rental marketplace has opened in the UK © Indie Campers

Campervan hire company, Indie Campers, has launched the new platform, which will include rental options from private and other professional owners. It will also offer its own fleet of over 1200 campervans in over 40 locations, across the UK, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, Iceland, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Croatia, Belgium, Austria, Sweden and the Mediterranean islands of Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily.

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The company says that by utilizing existing campervans in the market while they are not in use by their owners, the platform can enable campervan and motorhome owners to monetize their vehicles. It is offering private owners access to its infrastructure and resources, such as warehouses, staff and technological systems, and simplifying the owner’s rental process. It will provide the option of fully operating and managing the rental process for private owners, from setting up the vehicle to meeting the end customer and storing the van on any of its premises across Europe.

A man and woman sitting in a campervan and looking out
The platform can enable campervan and motorhome owners to monetize their vehicles © Indie Campers

The new Indie marketplace aims to offer a camper vehicle for any occasion and preference, ranging from small mini-vans to large motorhomes with a wide range of rentals with different features and price points. Rentals also include a cooler or fridge, cleaning kit and air conditioning, and extras such as airport transfers and surfboards at an optional extra cost. “Within the current changing travel landscape, this move enables us to align even more with the ever-emerging trends of the sharing economy, adding to our supply of flexible, authentic and sustainable travel experiences, and matching the growing widespread interest in getting into nature and away from the crowds,” says Hugo Oliveira, CEO of Indie Campers.

The Indie marketplace will be fully rolled-out by the end of 2020 and further information is available here.

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