Must see attractions in Dadès Valley

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    Skoura’s beautiful Unesco-protected palmeraie (palm grove) has been dubbed ‘Oasis of 1000 Palms’. Under the green canopy, a 15-mile patchwork of plots are watered by an ingenious, centuries-old khettara (underground irrigation system) of canals, levers and locks. More than 100 bird species flourish here, as well as more than 20 date varieties. Overnight in a pisé (rammed-earth) guesthouse and explore the palmeraie on foot or bicycle. A guide will help make the most of your explorations, and stop you getting lost.

  • Sights in Skoura

    Kasbah Amridil

    One of Morocco’s grandest kasbahs, this 17th-century marvel once appeared on the Dh50 note. Signposted just a few hundred metres from the main road, this living museum showcases traditional kasbah life over the centuries, with hand-carved door locks, an olive oil press, still-functioning bread ovens and stalls where animals were once kept. The kasbah has been split into two, each with its own entrance – the part on the right has retained a more authentic feel and has the higher terrace. The part on the left has been restored and altered to feature a garden in the middle, a design not native to the region but imported from Marrakesh.

  • Sights in Dadès Gorge

    Tamellalt Valley

    Eighteen kilometres from Boumalne you'll find these extraordinary red rock formations that look like wax, melting right into the green carpet of the palmeraie (palm grove) below Aït Arbi. They’re known locally as Les Doigts de Singes (Monkey’s Fingers) given their bizarre wind-worn shapes. A little further on is the more colourfully named ‘Valley of Human Bodies’, where famished travellers are said to have died of hunger and been turned to stone.

  • Sights in Skoura

    Musée Memoire de Ouarzazate

    This kasbah-turned-museum showcases the history and traditions of Southern Morocco's Imazighen (Berbers). Anthropologist Abdelmoula El Moudahab will explain the exhibits, including a marriage document written in saffron, an assortment of primitive but effective door locks and drawings revealing how a kasbah is put together, as well as sharing the region's fascinating folklore. It doubles as a performance space, so check for events.

  • Sights in Dadès Gorge

    Aït Youl

    Those art-deco tourism posters you’ll see all over Morocco showing a red-and-white kasbah in a rocky oasis aren’t exaggerating: just 6.5km into the gorge, the old Glaoui kasbah of Aït Youl is set against a lush backdrop of almond and fig trees. A local kid will offer to show you around for a small tip (Dh20). A couple of kilometres past Aït Youl, the road crosses a river valley that offers a sneaky back way to Kalaat M'Gouna on foot.

  • Sights in Dadès Gorge

    Gorge de Miguirne

    Cresting over a small pass, 14km from Boumalne, is the hidden gem of Gorge de Miguirne, which joins the Dadès Gorge from the south. It offers a fine half-day hike amid its springs, rock pools and stunning rock formations, sculpted by time and the elements. Ask at your guesthouse for a guide.