Musée des Sources de Lalla Mimouna

Top choice in Dadès Valley

This indoor/outdoor private museum is the passion project of Tinejdad native Zaid Abbou, built around the fizzing, magnesium-rich springs of Lalla Mimouna. Artefacts collected over 40 years – including ceramics, agricultural tools, jewellery and illuminated books – give an insight into oasis life, housed in a series of unfolding spaces across a garden dotted with literary quotations about valuing nature, particularly water.

The spring had become a rubbish dump when Zaïd – a multi-talented artist and calligrapher – rescued and restored it, and if he's on site he'll happily show you around, which is undoubtedly the highlight of any visit. He'll demonstrate how some of the ancient time-measuring devices using water and a bowl work, along with primitive locks and keys, and share some of the magic and mystery of this special place. Look for the signs on the left before you get to Tinejdad.