Ksar El Khorbat

Dadès Valley

This spectacular example of a mid-19th-century fortified village was crumbling to dust when it underwent a major restoration using traditional techniques and materials, as well as adding a few contemporary comforts. Today, around half of the dwellings are still inhabited, while others have been turned into a 22-room museum, a guesthouse, a restaurant and a women’s craft workshop. The aim is to preserve the history and culture of the ksar (fortified village) through sustainable tourism while benefiting the whole community.

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1. Musée de Oasis

Inside the Ksar El Khorbat, this award-winning museum traces tribal migrations through 22 rooms of carefully curated artefacts of seminomadic life:…

2. Ferkla Oasis

2.48 MILES

Take a bike (hire one for Dh80) and tour the Ferkla palmeraie (palm grove) with a local guide (Dh200) from El Khorbat. You'll explore the Ksar Asrir, once…

3. Musée des Sources de Lalla Mimouna

2.57 MILES

This indoor/outdoor private museum is the passion project of Tinejdad native Zaid Abbou, built around the fizzing, magnesium-rich springs of Lalla Mimouna…