Ksar El Khorbat

Dadès Valley

This spectacular example of a mid-19th-century fortified village was crumbling to dust when it underwent a major restoration using traditional techniques and materials, as well as adding a few contemporary comforts. Today, around half of the dwellings are still inhabited, while others have been turned into a 22-room museum, a guesthouse, a restaurant and a women’s craft workshop. The aim is to preserve the history and culture of the ksar (fortified village) through sustainable tourism while benefiting the whole community.

Nearby Dadès Valley attractions

1. Musée de Oasis

Inside the Ksar El Khorbat, this award-winning museum traces tribal migrations through 22 rooms of carefully curated artefacts of seminomadic life:…

2. Ferkla Oasis

2.48 MILES

Take a bike (hire one for Dh80) and tour the Ferkla palmeraie (palm grove) with a local guide (Dh200) from El Khorbat. You'll explore the Ksar Asrir, once…

3. Musée des Sources de Lalla Mimouna

2.57 MILES

This indoor/outdoor private museum is the passion project of Tinejdad native Zaid Abbou, built around the fizzing, magnesium-rich springs of Lalla Mimouna…