Central Montenegro

Ogle the splendid cap of northern mountains and impeccable drape of glittering coastline by all means, but to truly get to know Montenegro, a visit to the country’s core is a must.

Its beating heart is Mt Lovćen, a 1749m-high symbol of national identity and the very black mountain that gives Crna Gora its name. To the south, Lake Skadar is the country’s lungs, a clean, green oasis of lily-strewn waterways and rare bird havens. Swoop north to Ostrog to discover the very soul of the nation in a gravity-defying cliff-face monastery that literally brings pilgrims to their knees. And you’ll find character galore in Montenegro’s two capitals; the modern-day seat of Podgorica is home to hip bars and a happening arts scene, while the royal city of Cetinje proudly preserves its gallant past in a collection of richly endowed museums and galleries.

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