The Cathedral of Saint Tryphon in Kotor, Montenegro

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St Tryphon’s Cathedral


Kotor’s most impressive building, this Catholic cathedral was consecrated in 1166 but reconstructed after several earthquakes. When the entire frontage was destroyed in 1667, the baroque bell towers were added; the left one remains unfinished. The cathedral’s gently hued interior is a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture: slender Corinthian columns alternate with pillars of pink stone, thrusting upwards to support a series of vaulted roofs. Look for the remains of Byzantine-style frescoes in the arches.

The gilded-silver bas-relief altar screen is considered Kotor’s most valuable treasure.

Upstairs is a Sacral Art Museum, filled with paintings, vestments and a spooky wooden crucifix dating from 1288. Behind the grill in the reliquary chapel are assorted body parts of saints, including St Tryphon himself. The early martyr’s importance to both the Catholic and Orthodox churches makes him a fitting patron for the city.

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