Njegoš Mausoleum

Top choice in Central Montenegro

Lovcen Mausoleum, Montenegro (aerial view)

Getty Images

Lovćen’s star attraction, this magnificent mausoleum (built 1970 to 1974) sits at the top of its second-highest peak, Jezerski Vrh (1657m). Take the 461 steps up to the entry where two granite giantesses guard the tomb of Montenegro’s greatest hero. Inside, under a golden mosaic canopy, a 28-tonne Petar II Petrović Njegoš rests in the wings of an eagle, carved from a single block of black granite.

The actual tomb lies below, and a path at the rear leads to a dramatic circular viewing platform providing the same utterly spectacular views that caused George Bernard Shaw to exclaim, ‘Am I in paradise or on the moon?’.

A photographer stationed near the entrance has a stash of folk costumes and a computer set up to print out quirky souvenirs (€10).