Rabin Square

Square in City Centre

The biggest public square in the city, this huge expanse of paving stones was repaved and upgraded in recent years. It has an ecological pond filled with lotus flowers and koi, a fountain that’s lit up at night and some cool cafes around the perimeter. On the northern edge towers City Hall, which looks like a 1960s communist-style block (though not when it’s lit up with laser beams).

Rabin Sq used to be called Malchei Israel (Kings of Israel) Sq but was renamed after the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995. Rabin Sq is also the site for most of Tel Aviv's big events, from Independence Day celebrations in May to mass protests and peace vigils. On Ibn Gabirol St next to City Hall, a small memorial marks the spot where Rabin was shot.