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Traveller facilities are split between Mystras village, 1km or so below the main gate of ancient Mystras, and Pikoulianika village, 1.3km from Mystras' fortress gate.

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Private 2-Day Tour from Athens to Isthmus of Corinth - Mystras - Monemvasia

ItineraryDay 1: Athens - Sparta - MonemvasiaStop At: Mystras, Sparta, Sparta Municipality, Laconia Region, PeloponneseAfter pickup at your hotel, cruise ship or Airport by our private airconditioned minivan & informative tour guide, sit back & relax.Your journey to the history and magic places starts!First stop, the impressive Corinth Canal to learn of its key strategic importance in ancient and contemporary history. Second stop at Mystras!Like a replica in miniature of the majestic form of mountain Taygetos, Mystras rises above the verdant valley of Eurotas and is the best-preserved example of medieval walled town in the Greek region, is today a standing ghost city that fascinates the modern traveler with its castle, churches and the palatial complex of the ruling Byzantine dynasty, bearing witness to its bygone greatness.Last stop for relax and sleep over wonderful Monemvasia!Enjoy your afternoon at the picturesque cafe and restaurants in Monemvasia 's Castle.Duration: 4 hoursNo meals included on this day.Accommodation included: Overnight at a marvelous hotel in MonemvasiaDay 2: Monemvasia - AthensStop At: Monemvasia Fortress, Monemvasia, Monemvasia Municipality, Laconia Region, PeloponneseSpend a day in the amazining Casle of Monemvasia!Your visit to Monemvasia will be a unique journey back in time, in a castle-town with 15 centuries-old history, that is still inhabited. The so-called 'Gibraltar of the East', a small rocky island linked to the mainland through a short causeway, is full of myths and tales and has inspired great artists. Upon entering the gate of the Lower town you will find yourselves in what looks like a magnificent scenery. Walking around the cobbled streets you will get acquainted with the history of this city that was founded by the Byzantine emperor, and all its consequent rulers: the Pope, the Franks, the Venetians and the Ottomans.Duration: 9 hoursNo meals included on this day.No accommodation included on this day.

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Peloponnese 3-Private-Days: Olympia-Sparta, Mountain Villages, Mycenae-Epidaurus

Ideal combination for those looking to visit these long distance sites without wasting time driving for several hours.Day1: Mountain Villages: Meet your private driver/guide for your 8:00 a.m. departure. In a short trip of no more than 2 1/2 hours you arrive at the center of Peloponnese for this “real Greece” experience. Corinth canal is the first stop and then on to Dimitsana & Stemnitsa villages at 3,000 ft altitude. Explore the gorge, Lousios river, a couple of cliff hanging monasteries and let you private driver/guide treat you to a typical Greek lunch in a non touristy location surrounded by locals. Also visit the water powered Museum and ancient Gortys before relaxing at a great strone built guesthouse. Enjoy an evening walk and dinner at the village of Dimitsana and charge your batteries for ...Day2: Olympia, Mystras & Sparta: Start with breakfast in the mountain air and the view of Lousios gorge, before a 1h.20' drive to ancient Olympia past Lagadia, the home town of the best stonebuiders. Walk though the impressive ruins of the area where athletes trained and run in the ancient stadium; just as ancient Olympians did after victory, 3,000 years ago. In front of the Temple of Hera burns the Olympic Flame during modern day Olympic Games. Visit the the world famous museum and get the chance to see some unbelievable sculptures such as the temple of Zeus and the famous Hermes of Praxiteles. Tour the monuments of the archaeological site, including the former gymnasium and Palaestra, stadium, hotel & crypt. Let you imagination run to the times that Greece’s finest athletes strove to honor the gods through the Olympic ideal. Lunch ... and next is Sparta; the ancient rival of Athens and known for her fierce warriors! Wander around the byzantine castle-town of Mystras (next to Sparta) and sense through the silence the city's sheer grandeur: the Palace of the Despots, the beautiful Cathedral of Saint Dimitrios and the impressive Monasteries of Pantanassa, and Perivleptos. Overnight at lively Sparta or Mystras only 90 min from Mycenae.Day3: Mycenae, Nafplio, Epidaurus: Mycenae (Unesco-listed), is home to some of Greece’s most famous ancient ruins. Wander around the site and accompanying museum before hopping back in the vehicle and visiting the beautiful port town of Nafplio town, the first capital of Greece and famous for its historic architecture. Visit the famous Venetian fortress of Palamidi and optionally, walk down the 999 steps enjoying the most amazing views. Walk through the beautiful narrow streets of the old town. Enjoy another traditional Greek lunch before returning to your vehicle and making way to Epidaurus, home to an ancient, beautifully preserved theater. Discover the landmark at your leisure.Once you’ve finished your explorations, return to your private vehicle and head back to Athens in a just over 1 hour drive.

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Sparta & Mystras Byzantine fortress Full Day Tour with lunch

After driving on the west coastal road to Corinth Canal, then we continue towards Sparta & Mistras.Sparta city was founded by the Dorian’s in the 9th century B.C. and in the next few years it developed into the most powerful military city in Greece, thanks to the efficient laws, perfected by the law-giver Lycurgus. The Spartans deferred from the rest of Greeks in the culture, and the way of life. The Spartans character were mostly military, the life of the citizen was dedicated to serving the country, and the art of war. The 300 Spartans and their King Leonidas are still a myth giving inspirations and themes to Hollywood and its great directors!The fortress of Mystras, was once a glittering fortress of the Byzantine Empire, with Palaces, houses, monasteries, and churches founded in the 13th century during the Frankish occupation of the Peloponnese. Mystras is now a huge museum of architecture, sculpture and decorative art.Highlights:Sparta city, Taygetos Picturesque mountain, Mystrass fortress. Schedule Details:Daily departures, Duration: 11 hoursDeparture Point: pick up service from your hotelSuggested Departure Time: 07:00 amWhat to bring:Comfortable footwear, Sunblock, Hat, Camera***No entrance fees are included******Professional licensed guide can be arranged on request***

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