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$91.50 Day Trips & Excursions

Katharo Route Tour from Agios Nikolaos

Our day is the perfect way to explore the central part of Crete with two different plateaus, mythology and lots of fun and interesting information about Crete and the local life. Our first stop is Kritsa which is a traditional lower mountain village where you get to have a little walk to see the local craft shops and you have time for a refreshment stop. Moving onwards to a magnificent view point of Mirabello Bay, which follows the views of the north and south coast of the island. Then our journey takes us to the plateau of Katharo passing through the biggest forest on the island, where the roads are non-existent, and the mountains reach a height of 1.500 meters, there will be a refreshment stop at a local kafenion somewhere in this wilderness!! We then continue through the dirt tracks and the goat valley this is where the journey really gets exciting.Our next stop gives you the opportunity to take photographs from a helicopter view of the Lassithi Plateau from where we drop down to the plateau for your BBQ lunch, with unlimited wine (vegetarian option available). Our next stop is Zeus’s cave where mythology says that Zeus, the father of all the gods was born, there is a 6-euro entrance fee and walking shoes are recommended. Then on to Lassithi plateau where time has virtually stood still, the local people are mainly farmers and you will see many donkeys at work.As we continue driving, we reach the village of Krassi, which is famous for a 2,000-year-old plane tree and has a natural spring water source. Heading back, we pass through the area of Selinari where you will see vultures, which are now an endangered species.This is a day full of many surprises. Upon completion of the tour you will be returned to your place of pickup.

$104.25 Tours & Sightseeing

Full-Day Guided Spinalonga Island Tour

In 1578 the Venetians constructed on the island of Spinalonga an impressive fortress. They built bastions on the northern and southern side of the island, as well as a fortification wall.The island is also well-known as a “leper colony”. The disease Leprocy was one of the most feared diseases of the ancient times also known as “Hansen disease”. It was the last active leper colony in Europe from 1903 to 1957, the last inhabitant, a priest, left the island in 1962. The tour also includes a visit to a traditional Cretan winery estate where few of the best Cretan wines are produced.The Tour starts after breakfast by driving along the Northern coast of the island to Kritsa, one of the oldest and most picturesque villages of Crete. Here we will visit  the 12th century Byzantine church of Panagia Kera located 1km from the village. The church contains the finest-preserved Byzantine-era frescoes in Crete, and for that reason , has become one of the most culturally and historically significant churches on the island. We continue our tour through the villages of Nikithianos, Fourni, Karydi,Kato Louma and Valto to the sea-front village of Plaka where we will board the boat to take us on the now deserted island of Spinalonga.  Our guide will guide us through the ruins of what used to be a leper-colony from 1903 to 1957 where lepers could have a better life, medical help and economic support. Upon returning to Plaka we will enjoy our lunch at a seafront traditional tavern.  After lunch our tour continues to the Scalani Hills vineyard and winery. At an altitude ranging between 170 and 215 meters, on a 7-hectare plot, the privately-owned vineyard is cultivated based on the principles of organic farming, hosting various Greek and international varieties. The density of the planting is 3300 plants/hectare. Here we will enjoy a tour of the cellar, the production area and the rest of the estate. We will also visit the wine-tasting hall and enjoy tasting 3 labels of typical wine produced at the winery, served with crispy puff pastry with aromatic olive paste. Late in the afternoon we return to our hotel.

$187.64 Day Trips & Excursions

Crete Countryside Adventure Small Group Tour with a Local Guide

Are you ready for your adventure into the picturesque countryside of ancient Crete? Your day will begin with a drive through the traditional village of Kritsa, where we will stop for a coffee at a kafeneio (local café). This will be our first and only stop in ‘civilisation’ as we know it; our tour from here on out leads you into the mountains and ancient forest of Kroustas, away from the hustle and bustle of the resort towns on the coast. Kroustas is a rare forest that has been consistently colonised and utilised by humans for the last 4,000 years. Ancient stone constructions from the time of the Minoans are still visible today. Nowadays, the landscape has special protection status. We will discover hidden churches and ancient water irrigation channels as we drive, stopping to admire stunning vistas. The views from the Fortezza, an old Minoan watch point, are particularly picturesque. More natural beauty can be found amid the vineyards, fields of olive trees, colourful beehives and, of course, the impressive pine and oak trees of the forest. Here we will do some foraging for local herbs to take home to make a fresh cup of herb tea. An unmarked road will truly allow us to escape from the rest of the world as make our way along it to meet our host for lunch. The local shepherd will greet us in his unique metoxi (a typical Greek shepherd’s hut only found in remote areas of the country). Our shepherd contends with the elements every day and has no access to electricity or modern comforts, so for a couple of hours at least, you will experience a wonderfully simple way of life that doesn’t exist in modern cities. All this fresh air, silence, and the smell of pine trees is enough to give anyone an appetite, so we have a very special and unique treat planned for you. Your host will cook a delicious and entirely organic Cretan lunch for you over an open fire. And of course, no lunch finishes in Crete without raki, so you will discover first-hand the secrets of how to make it and, most importantly, drink it. After a memorable day exploring the wilds of ancient Greece, it is time to take you back on the road towards civilisation.

$69.68 Outdoor Activities

Secrets of Crete and Hiking the Gorge - 4x4 Excursion with Land Rover

Experience a tour that will take you deep into the spectacular gorge of Kritsa just to the side of the picturesque village of the same name. We pick you up from your accommodation at 10.00am and then head for the traditional village of Kritsa where you will enter the mouth of the gorge to begin your 2 hour ramble into what must be one of the most stunning gorges on the island, it's fairly short but beautifully formed. You will pass through channels that have been eroded by many centuries of running water , some as narrow as 50 cm, and that coupled with the shear walls on either side give you a true understanding of the power of nature. Bird song and goats clinging to the rock faces all add to flavour of this natural bonanza. There are sections of this gorge that will take you breath away so don't forget those cameras. After about an hour the terrain levels and becomes far less interesting so at this point we will take a drinks stop before heading up and over, offering great views of the gorge from above and return to the starting point. Sensible shoes will be required (no flip flops) as the ground is uneven and whilst there is no rock climbing as such, there is some scrambling involved, most able bodied adults and older children will find this reasonably comfortable. After your trek there will also be an opportunity to spend a while at the delightful village of Kritsa, where you can visit the local shops and tavernas. Feel free to spend as little or long as you need in Kritsa and after that you'll be taken back to your accommodation via a high scenic route. Inclusive: Land Rover Discovery with air condition, experienced driver, refreshments/water, energy snacks. Hiking: 2 hours, good physical condition necessary and please.... good shoes Inclusive: Land Rover Discovery with air condition, experienced driver, refreshments/water 

$196.91 Day Trips & Excursions

From Gorge to Gulf Full Day Small Group Tour in Crete

Your immersion into the heart of Cretan life begins with a drive away from the coast, through lush olive groves and ancient woodlands. Our first top will be the traditional village of Kritsa, the gateway to the stunning Kritsa Gorge. Kritsa Gorge isn’t as well-known as other gorges on the island but it is just as beautiful, if not more so because the peace and tranquillity of the place is rarely disturbed by large groups of tourists being herded through it. The entrance to the gorge is spectacular, almost as if the mountain has been torn in two. Following the old donkey path, we will reach the middle of the gorge, a valley full of olive groves. The trail is approximately four kilometres long and is relatively easy apart from one or two boulders to climb over. The gorge ends at an ancient Minoan path, which we will follow past shepherd huts and fields. From here we will take a drive out to a traditional Cretan olive oil farm. Our hosts will show you around the farm, sharing their knowledge of the green gold, including how to cultivate it and what to look for when tasting different varieties. We will finish with a tasting accompanied by some delicious local wine. Next you will learn the secrets of making one of the most famous and beloved dishes in all of Greece, dolmades (vine leaves stuffed with rice). Enjoy your culinary creations alongside a traditional and delicious Greek lunch of salads, tzatziki, dako (rusks with dressing), and other small seasonal plates, with a glass of wine or shot of local raki, of course. With our bellies full, we will leave for the village of Plaka where speedboats will be waiting to whisk you off to the fortress island of Spinalonga, located in the Gulf of Elounda. Here you will have time to wander around by yourself and discover the turbulent history of this tiny islet; conquered by the Venetians in the 16th century, the ancient fortifications were built to act as first line of defence in the ferocious wars with the Ottoman Turks. After an hour, our speedboat will pick you up and take you for a refreshing spin around Spinalonga. If you feel the need to cool off, jump in for a swim at Spinalonga or at the beach in Plaka village, where we board the boat. (There are cabins there for you to change into your swimwear.) After all that fun in the sun, your speedboat will escort you back to your start point. But before you say goodbye, talk to your in-the-know local guide if you want the inside track on where to eat, drink, and visit during the rest of your stay on magical Crete.

$181.85 Outdoor Activities

In Focus: Healing Nature Small Group Eco Tour Including Planting a Tree

From the coast, we will head inland to the Lasithi region, a charming rural backwater of lush hillscapes and dramatic gorges, to explore the flora and fauna unique to the area. As we ascend into the hills we will stop to admire the stunning views of Agios Nikolaos and Mirabello Bay. After passing through the traditional village of Kritsa, we will move further away from the resort towns on the coast, to the countryside where the shepherds work and live. You will notice that time has stopped here. Fruit trees, agriculture, small houses, and strange green stones complete this nature puzzle. This is a very different way of life and a very different Crete. We will stop at ancient ruins and old churches untouched by modernity before reaching the barren landscape of an area that was destroyed by fires last year. Here, you will roll up your sleeves and plant your tree. You will give your tree a name and gift it to nature for future generations to enjoy. Every worker should be paid for their services, and we’re paying you in the best local way possible: with a delicious Greek feast! We will move on to the ancient forest of Kroustas with its colourful beehives, to admire the splendours of the forest as we feast on a spectacular picnic featuring organic, local delicacies. Our final stop is at a small kafeneio for a shot of raki, a strong local drink with a hint of aniseed. A great way to end your day in the Greek countryside. Then we shall return you to modern Crete, where your guide will be more than happy to share some insider knowledge on where to visit next.