Papeete , French Polynesia - MAY 11, 2017: The Tourists stay on speedboat after swimming and feeding Sharks and Stingrays in beautiful sea at Moorea Island, Tahiti Papeete , French Polynesia.

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Metropolis this is not. Pape’ete is really just a medium-sized town (by Western standards) of moulding architecture with a lively port, lots of traffic, plenty of smiling faces and maybe a guy or two playing ukulele on the curb. You’ll either get its compact chaos and colourful clutter or you’ll run quickly from its grimy edges and lack of gorgeous vistas. Sip an espresso at a Parisian-style sidewalk cafe, shop the vibrant market for everything and anything (from pearls to bright pareu – sarongs) or dine at a roulotte (mobile food van) in the balmy evening.


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