Tohua Koueva

Top choice in Nuku Hiva

It’s believed that this extensive communal site, with its paved esplanade, belonged to the war chief Pakoko, who was killed by the French in 1845. Today it is a peaceful spot full of massive banyan trees and flowers. All the stone carvings are contemporary. This massive tohua (open-air gathering place) is just over 1.3km up the Pakiu Valley on the Taipivai road, and 700m along a dirt track. Turn east from the main road at the ‘Koueva’ sign.

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Nearby Nuku Hiva attractions

1. Church

0.64 MILES

Smaller denominational church.

3. Monument to the Dead

0.76 MILES

On the seafront, opposite the Kamake shop, you can’t miss this obelisk fronted by a cannon constructed in honour of Étienne Marchand.

4. Pae Pae Piki Vehine

0.78 MILES

Rebuilt for the 1989 Marquesas Festival, this pae pae (traditional meeting platform) contains modern sculptures and a dozen magnificent tiki made by the…

7. Beach

1.17 MILES

Taiohae's lovely black sand beach.

8. Musée Enana

1.22 MILES

This little museum has a few documents and some beautiful ancient Marquesan artefacts. It also doubles as a small craft shop. Entry was free at the time…