Must-see attractions in Nuku Hiva

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    Kamuihei, Tahakia & Teiipoka

    About 300m towards Taipivai from the Hikokua site, these three connecting sites make up the largest excavated archaeological area of Nuku Hiva. A team led…

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    Tohua Koueva

    It’s believed that this extensive communal site, with its paved esplanade, belonged to the war chief Pakoko, who was killed by the French in 1845. Today…

  • Hikokua

    One of the most powerful archaeological sites in the Marquesas, Hikokua was discovered by the archaeologist Robert Suggs in 1957 and has been restored and…

  • Paeke

    Most tours stop in Taipivai to visit the Paeke archaeological site, which lies on a hillside at the exit of the village on the way to Hatiheu (the path…

  • Pae Pae Piki Vehine

    Rebuilt for the 1989 Marquesas Festival, this pae pae (traditional meeting platform) contains modern sculptures and a dozen magnificent tiki made by the…

  • Archaeological Museum

    This modest yet well-organised archaeological museum does a good job of explaining the archipelago’s history and culture. It features artefacts, exhibits…

  • Musée Enana

    This little museum has a few documents and some beautiful ancient Marquesan artefacts. It also doubles as a small craft shop. Entry was free at the time…

  • Te Ai'tua

    Other sites around Taipivai include the new Te Ai'tua mea'a built for the 2011 Marquesas Festival and decked out in interesting modern, mostly cement tiki.

  • Monument to the Dead

    On the seafront, opposite the Kamake shop, you can’t miss this obelisk fronted by a cannon constructed in honour of Étienne Marchand.

  • Taetae Tupuna Enana

    This little museum has a few documents and artefacts focusing on traditional Marquesan culture. It’s at the Hee Tai Inn.

  • Beach

    Taiohae's lovely black sand beach.

  • Church

    Smaller denominational church.

  • Mairie

    The local mayor's office.