Hanahevane Bay

Top choice in The Marquesas

This glorious bay is caressed by jade-green waters and is studded with a broad strand of golden sand. It’s a good picnic spot (despite a number of pesky nono) and has shallow, calm waters and a few coral formations, making it suitable for snorkelling. It’s accessible by boat only.

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1. Hanamenino Bay

0.69 MILES

Another secluded bay lined with a golden-sand beach, Hanamenino is also used for picnics. Access is by boat only.

2. Hanamoenoa Bay


This quiet, sheltered bay is popular with yachties. It’s fringed by a ribbon of white sand, lapped by multihued waters and backed by lush hills.

3. Tohua Upeke

4.24 MILES

Near the village of Taaoa, 7km southwest of Atuona, the eerie Tohua Upeke, with more than 1000 pae pae, some of which are restored, is a definite must see…

4. Atuona Beach

6.71 MILES

Framed by basaltic cliffs, this wide curve of black sand is very scenic – it inspired painter Paul Gauguin, which is saying a lot – but it’s not…

6. Centre Jacques Brel


Behind the Espace Culturel Paul Gauguin you’ll find a big aircraft hangar. In the centre is Jacques Brel’s plane, Jojo; faded posters tracing the musician…

7. Espace Culturel Paul Gauguin

6.82 MILES

A homage to Gauguin that traces the artist's life through locally painted reproductions of his art. The main signs are translated into English but the…

8. Tohua Pepeu

6.82 MILES

Restored for the 1991 Marquesas Arts Festival, the Tohua Pepeu faces Banque Socredo in the centre of town. It’s used today as a festivities centre, where…