Must see attractions in Nunavut

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    Kenojuak Cultural Centre & Print Shop

    Though many Inuit communities now generate world-class artworks, Cape Dorset's remain the most revered. The new Kenojuak Cultural Centre, named after…

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    Quttinirpaaq National Park

    The northernmost and most mountainous of Nunavut's national parks, 37,775-sq-km Quttinirpaaq is Canada's second-largest, way up on Ellesmere Island. Now…

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    Auyuittuq National Park

    Among the globe's most flabbergasting places, Auyuittuq (ah-you-ee-tuk) means 'the land that never melts.' Appropriately, there are plenty of glaciers in…

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    Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum

    This friendly little museum in an old Hudson's Bay Company building showcases an engaging permanent collection of traditional Inuit clothing, tools,…

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    Ovayok Territorial Park

    Ovayok Territorial Park, accessible via a rough road or 15km hike, is a prime place to see musk ox and offers good views from Mt Pelly (200m). It has some…

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    Legislative Assembly

    It's well worth taking an entertaining free tour (by appointment) of Nunavut's prefab parliament to learn about all manner of Inuit art displayed…

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    Ukkusiksalik National Park

    Surrounding Wager Bay, a vast inlet off Hudson Bay, Ukkusiksalik National Park comprises 20,500 sq km of bleak uninhabited tundra and is one of the world…

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    Qausuittuq National Park

    The name means 'Where the Sun Doesn't Rise' – appropriate for a location that sees several months of total darkness each year. Encompassing over 11,000 sq…

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    Sirmilik National Park

    Pond Inlet is the base for visits to this spectacular park, a breeding ground for countless seabirds including the planet's largest flock of snow geese…

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    Mallikjuaq Historic Park

    Mallikjuaq Historic Park is an island reachable via a low-tide land bridge from Dorset's metal dump; it's a 20-minute crossing and you need rubber boots…

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    Canadian High Arctic Research Station

    This state-of-the-art research facility is Polar Knowledge Canada's Arctic headquarters and a world-class place for researching the effects of climate…

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    Queen Maud Bird Sanctuary

    South across the Northwest Passage is Queen Maud Bird Sanctuary, the world's largest migratory bird refuge, home to snow geese and tundra swans, among…

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    Located 5km from downtown, Apex is now Iqaluit's beach suburb, but was where nomadic Inuit began to settle when modern Iqaluit was an airbase. On the…

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    Qaummaarviit Territorial Park

    This tiny bay island is a 12km boat or snowmobile ride west of Iqaluit and preserves a 750-year-old Inuit (Thule) winter camp. You can see 11 well…

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    St Jude's Igloo Cathedral

    This igloo-shaped Anglican cathedral was designed to reflect Inuit culture. This recent incarnation was built in 2012 to replace the 1972 original, burnt…

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    Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park

    The viewpoint at this bleakly beautiful park, 2km southwest of town and divided by the river of the same name, overlooks the snow-flecked tundra and the…

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    Sculpture Garden

    There's an extensive range of mostly stone sculpture by local artists right near the post office, with northern themes well represented. Our favorite? A…