Katannilik Territorial Park

Top choice in Nunavut

Near Iqaluit and one of Nunavut's finest parks, Katannilik means 'Place of Waterfalls' and comprises two main features. A Canadian Heritage waterway, aquamarine Soper River splashes a navigable 50km through a deep, fertile valley, past cascades, caribou, gemstone deposits and dwarf-willow forest to Kimmirut, attracting paddlers. Hikers and skiers take the Itijjagiaq Trail, a traditional 120km route (one week) over the tablelands of the Meta Incognita Peninsula and through the Soper valley to the Frobisher Bay trailhead, 10km west of Iqaluit.

Most paddlers charter a plane from Iqaluit to the riverside airstrip at Mt Joy, float three to five days from the put-in to Kimmirut, and then fly back to Iqaluit. Kenn Borek Air (www.borekair.com) does charters. Iqaluit outfitters can take hikers to the trailhead by boat.

Before entering Katannilik Territorial Park, you have to register either at the visitor center in Iqaluit (which stocks the invaluable The Itijjagiaq Trail guide) or at the Katannilik Park Centre in Kimmirut.