Kenojuak Cultural Centre & Print Shop

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Though many Inuit communities now generate world-class artworks, Cape Dorset's remain the most revered. The new Kenojuak Cultural Centre, named after Kenojuak Ashevak, is split into exhibition space and a state-of-the-art print workshop where you can watch artists work. The most activity occurs from September to May; manager Joemee is happy to explain the stonecut, lithograph and stencil techniques in the print shop and there's a good selection of prints and souvenirs for sale.

The print shop is due to open an exhibition room named Living Heritage, dedicated to the stone carvings and prints of Kenjuak Ashuak whose Enchanted Owl greets you at the Iqaluit airport. Check out also the black marble Inuit man with a tiny iPod and a goofy polar bear skull sculpture.

Call the hamlet office for a tour.

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