Quttinirpaaq National Park

Top choice in Nunavut

The northernmost and most mountainous of Nunavut's national parks, 37,775-sq-km Quttinirpaaq is Canada's second-largest, way up on Ellesmere Island. Now the mass of frozen crags, topped with age-old ice caps, deep fjords, vast glaciers and sheltered valleys are home to musk ox, wolverine and Peary caribou. Highlights include 24-hour daylight, Mt Barbeau (2616m), eastern North America's highest peak, and Lake Hazen Basin. Multiday treks are offered by Black Feather, which also runs a joint trip with Parks Canada.

A charter from Resolute costs around $60,000 round-trip for up to nine people and 1200kg of gear. Pay your fees and register at the Parks Canada office in Resolute.