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Adventure travel

The 9 best winter experiences in Alberta

5 min readPublished Nov 2, 2020

When the snow flies and Alberta, Canada, freezes, the ski hills open, the lakes turn to rinks, and the province is transformed into a winter wonderland.

A snow-swept road is bathed in golden light as it appears to run straight into a mountain
Adventure travel

How to choose the best ski pass this winter

5 min readPublished Sep 29, 2020

Ikon, Epic or Mountain Collective? Buy a multi-mountain ski pass and you'll get more time on the snow for less. Here's the run down for 2020-2021.

Snowboarder jumping high in the air with snow-capped mountains in the background. 
Art and culture

Experience First Nations traditions in British Columbia

7 min readPublished Sep 8, 2020

There are 198 distinct First Nations in British Columbia, each with their own traditions and history – and visitors can experience this living history through cultural adventures.

JUN 18, 2016: First Nation (Native) dancers performing at the Victoria Aboriginal Cultural Festival at the Royal BC Museum in the heart of downtown Victoria.
Adventure travel

Why British Columbia’s Powder Highway is ideal for frosty family fun

6 min readPublished Sep 26, 2019

Make this the year you begin a tradition of family travel with a trip to the Powder Highway in the Canadian Rockies.

The Powder Highway passes through ski resorts such as Kimberley, B.C. © Powder Matt / Lonely Planet
Food and drink

A day out on the Vancouver SkyTrain

5 min readPublished May 28, 2019

Metro Vancouver’s 53-station SkyTrain network is one of Canada’s most iconic transit services. But the three-line system – 79km of elevated and…

A blue and white and silver train on an elevated track curves around a building with a range of snow-covered mountains in the background