Must-see attractions in Winnipeg

  • This is an image of The Canadian Museum For Human Rights. The Museum is located at The Forks in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and is now open to the public.

    Canadian Museum for Human Rights


    Housed in a stunning contemporary building designed by American architect Antoine Predock, this terrific museum explores human rights issues as they…

  • Winnipeg Art Gallery


    This ship-shaped gallery displays contemporary Manitoban and Canadian artists, and has the world's largest collection of Inuit carvings (at the time of…

  • Tyrannosaurus rex (T.rex) was a huge dinosaur (up to 40 feet or 12 metres long, 12 feet or four metres tall) that lived throughout what is now western North America approximately 65 million years ago. This animated display at the Manitoba Museum in Winnipeg, Canada, features replicas that move and appear to breathe. The head is slightly blurred because of its movement.

    Manitoba Museum


    Nature trips through the subarctic, history trips into 1920s Winnipeg, cultural journeys covering the past 12,000 years – if it happened in Manitoba, it's…

  • My mom and I had a great time watching the 7 polar bears at our new "Journey to Churchill" area at the Assiniboine Zoo. This was taken in one of the underwater tunnels. Kaska, the polar bear, is happily swimming around showing off her acrobatic moves and catching fish.

    Assiniboine Park Zoo


    White snow leopards, white Bengal tigers and polar bears are some of the 2000-plus animals seen close-up at Assiniboine Park Zoo, which specializes in…

  • Saint Boniface Museum, the former Grey Nuns Convent, St. Boniface, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    St-Boniface Museum


    A mid-19th-century convent is Winnipeg's oldest building and the largest oak-log construction on the continent. The museum inside focuses on the…

  • Wildlife viewing blind, Oak Hammock Marsh, Manitoba, Canada

    Oak Hammock Marsh


    Smack in the middle of southern Manitoba's wetlands, this watery home and migratory stopping point for hundreds of thousands of birds is one of the best…

  • Assiniboine Park


    Winnipeg's emerald jewel, this 4.5-sq-km urban park is easily worth at least a half-day's frolic. Besides the top-notch zoo, there are playgrounds,…

  • The Forks National Historic Site and the red river, winnipeg, manitoba, Canada.

    Forks National Historic Site


    In a beautiful riverside setting, modern amenities for performances and interpretive exhibits in this park outline the area's history as the meeting place…

  • Manitoba Legislative Building


    Designed during Winnipeg's optimistic boom of the early 20th century, this 1920 building flaunts neoclassical beaux-arts design, limestone construction…

  • Upper Fort Garry Heritage Provincial Park


    Original 1830s oak, stone and mortar walls stand where four different forts have stood since 1738. The entire site – known as Winnipeg's birthplace and…

  • Winnipeg Railway Museum


    Winnipeg's imposing and underused Union Station (opened in 1911 and designed by the same firm that did New York's Grand Central Terminal) houses a…

  • Lower Fort Garry


    Huge stone walls on the banks of the Red River bank surround the only stone fort still intact from the fur-trading days. The walls are surprisingly low,…

  • Fort Gibraltar


    Behind wooden walls sits this recreated fur-trade fort. Along with inspired interpreters, the genuine clothes, tools, furs, bunks, and bannock and…

  • Royal Canadian Mint


    Producing loonies to the tune of billions of dollars, this high-tech mint produces money for Canada and 60 other nations. Tour the pyramid-shaped glass…

  • Manitoba Children's Museum


    Kids learn by doing at Manitoba Children's Museum, where 'hands off' is not part of the program. The colorful, high-tech, interactive exhibits encourage…

  • Living Prairie Museum


    This park protects 12 hectares of original, unplowed and now-scarce, tall prairie grass. A self-guided walk from the nature center showcases the prairie…

  • Riel House National Historic Site


    After Louis Riel's 1885 execution for treason, his body was brought to his family home before being buried in St-Boniface Basilica. Riel grew up on this…

  • St-Boniface Basilica


    Though the basilica was mostly destroyed by fire in 1968, the original white-stone facade still stands as a 100-year, imposing reminder of the building…

  • FortWhyte Alive


    A vast, trail-laced natural site with an eco-focus; here you can spot bison, deer and other wildlife. Learn about sod houses and rent seasonal activity…

  • Graffiti Gallery


    Aims to redirect young artists away from vandalism toward the creation of sanctioned public art, and stages exhibitions ranging from sculpture and…

  • Tinkertown Family Fun Park


    For old-fashioned thrills, Tinkertown Family Fun Park has rides and games in a carnival setting. Play mini-golf and then have a miniature doughnut.

  • Ross House Museum


    The small log cabin where William Ross ran the west's first post office is in a pretty setting and documents pioneer life in the 1850s.

  • Cube


    Hypermodernist stage for live performances that looks remarkably like a Borg cube from Star Trek.

  • Aceartinc


    This gallery stages changing exhibitions of contemporary art by local artists.

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