Tamar Ridge is best known for its quaffable Pirie sparkling wine (named after the brothers who pioneered the Tamar wine industry). Begin with a free tasting, choose a bottle to buy then hit the scenic terrace, which overlooks kanamaluka/Tamar River, to enjoy a cheese, salmon and charcuterie platter from the on-site Hubert & Dan. The kids can spin hula hoops on the lawn, or scrawl on the blackboard wall.

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1. Brady’s Lookout State Reserve

1.17 MILES

Offering views over the Tamar River and surrounding areas, this reserve was named after nefarious bushranger Matthew Brady, who used the rocky outcrop…

2. Vélo Wines

3.01 MILES

This is the first West Tamar winery that you'll see if coming from Launceston, and it's a rare Tasmanian vineyard in that pinot noir isn't king here –…

3. Tamar Island Wetlands

5.04 MILES

Part of the Tamar River Conservation Area, this wetland reserve has a 2km wheelchair- and pram-friendly boardwalk running through it, strategically…

4. Tasmania Zoo

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There are more than 80 species of feathered, furred and finned critters – native and non-native – at this laid-back wildlife park. This is your chance to…

5. Hillwood Farmgate

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This working farm burgeons with berries in summer. The main crop is strawberries, but there are also raspberries, loganberries and redcurrants. You can…

6. Trevallyn Nature Recreation Area

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Artificial Lake Trevallyn on the South Esk River above Cataract Gorge is a favourite spot with the locals. Take a picnic and have a splash in the shallows…

7. Launceston Tramway Museum

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Launceston had trams until 1952, when the rails were ripped up and the carriages sold off. Now you can visit this volunteer-staffed museum to take a ride…

8. State Customs Office

9.24 MILES

This building's magnificent 1888 neoclassical colonnade reflects Launceston’s 19th-century prosperity. It now houses offices; not open to the public.