Jordan might not immediately strike travellers as a hotspot for a romantic getaway, but it should. The warm hospitality, exquisite sunsets, endless outdoor adventures and otherworldly landscapes create a magical setting for making memories with your other half. 

Here are our favourite activities that hit that sweet spot.

Couple relaxes in the water of the Dead Sea © Olesya Baron / Shutterstock
Have a blissful float on the Jordanian shore of the Dead Sea © Olesya Baron / Shutterstock

Indulge at the Dead Sea

After a tough trek or a day spent exploring ancient ruins, you’ll be ready for some R&R. Book a seaview room at one of the 5-star hotels along the Dead Sea, or spend a night at the nearby Ma’in Hot Springs Spawhich has a wide selection of relaxation options and is located just 15 minutes from the lowest point on Earth. For a natural and soothing skin treatment, soak in serenity at the hot springs or cover your skin in mineral-rich mud before taking a float in the salty sea. Schedule a couple’s massage and share some quiet time to unwind. Afterwards, peep the sunset from the Panorama Complex and toast your peaceful day in paradise.

Local Jordan River Shiraz with a view of Amman from Cantaloupe's upper terrace © Sunny Fitzgerald / Lonely Planet
Drink in views and local wine at Cantaloupe, perched on an Amman rooftop © Sunny Fitzgerald / Lonely Planet

Go on a rooftop hop in Amman

There is something undeniably and quite literally uplifting about sharing a meal or sipping a cocktail in an elevated open-air setting. Add to that experience some stellar views of ancient ruins and the captivating transition from sunset colours to sparkling city lights all across Amman, Jordan's hilly capital, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a romantic evening out. The best way to begin your Jordan journey? Taste and sip your way across the roof terraces of Amman together. Whether you prefer coffee or cocktails, local flavours or international fare, a casual vibe or dressed-to-the-nines nightlife, Amman's got you covered. Start or end your evening at Cantaloupe, just off Rainbow St in Jebel Amman. With a casual-chic vibe, happy hour offers and sweeping Citadel views, this double-level rooftop terrace is the perfect place to sample some Jordanian wine while watching the sun set over the old city.

Breakfast with a view at Beit Al Fannan, Pella, Jordan © Baraka Destinations
Escape the crowds at Beit Al Fannan, a community-led B&B in Pella © Baraka Destinations

Engage your senses and escape the crowds in northern Jordan

Want to steal some alone time with your sweetheart? Ditch the Petra-bound crowds and head north instead. Beit Al Fannan, an alluring guesthouse built into the hills overlooking the Jordan Valley and the ancient ruins of Pella, awaits. Formerly the creative retreat of a Jordanian artist, this charming villa invites visitors on a sensory journey, encouraging you to explore both within the walls of this hand-constructed home and beyond into the historically significant yet sleepy town of Tabaqat Fahl. Let the aroma of a traditional Arabic breakfast – prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and served on the terrace with views into the valley – awaken you.

After breakfast, spend some quiet time engaging with the many books, paintings and stories inside Beit Al Fannan or creating art of your own with materials provided on site. Afterwards, savour the tranquillity of a stroll through the ancient – and often tourist-free – former Decapolis city outside your door. If you’ve still got the energy and curiosity, hike hand-in-hand along the nearby nature trails, where sheep graze lazily and pine perfume lingers from the evergreens that line the trail. When night falls, cosy up by the fireplace with a mug of hot tea before lighting candles around an outdoor bed, where you can sip Jordanian wine, breathe in the placidity of this special place and cuddle under the starry sky.

Jordanian horse rests near an oasis © Popova Tetiana / Shutterstock
Try an equine therapy session with your partner in the deserts of Jordan © Popova Tetiana / Shutterstock

Step out of your comfort zone and into the stables

If you’ve ever struggled to express yourself or wondered what your partner is thinking, step into the stables for an equine therapy session with Wadi Rum-based trainer Sandra Jelly and her horses, and you may well solve the mysteries together. As highly sensitive creatures, horses have the ability to immediately mirror back your inner thoughts and emotions. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable with the horses and each other creates an opportunity to address any emotional roadblocks in your relationship and strengthen your bond. These equine therapy experiences can get quite personal, so it’s best to book a private session for the two of you to share.

Dining table overlooking the Dead Sea, Jordan © pictafolio / Getty Images
You can't go wrong by asking in advance for a special table for two © pictafolio / Getty Images

Request intimate dining experiences

Some of the most romantic activities in Jordan are ones you won’t see advertised but only require a little pre-planning. Surprise your sweetheart by booking a private dining experience in a dreamy setting: request dinner prepared by a private chef in the garden or along the shore at the Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea. Looking to pull off a proposal or memorable meal in southern Jordan? Enlist the help of tailor-made tour providers, such as In2Jordan and Experience Jordan, to arrange a candlelit table for two on the beach in Aqaba, in the desert sands of Wadi Rum, or even in a cave in the Lost City of Petra.

Hiking couple resting atop a mountain near Jordan's Dead Sea © Evgeny Subbotsky / Shutterstock
Share an adventure with your partner along the recently opened Jordan Trail © Evgeny Subbotsky / Shutterstock

Connect with nature – and each other – on the Jordan Trail

Jordan’s diverse terrain and innumerable hiking trails invite you to lace up your boots, leave the distractions of your busy life behind and turn your attention to each other and the natural world around you. The recently opened 650km Jordan Trail crosses the entire length of the country, offering countless chances to get closer to the land and the love of your life. Whether you opt for a one-day hike or a multi-night camping trip, such as the popular and challenging Dana to Petra section, taking on a trail with a loved one means sharing the adventures along the way: encouraging each other up a steep incline, celebrating the accomplishment of reaching your destination and marvelling at the natural beauty you will encounter at each turn.

Wadi Rum desert view from a hot air balloon, Jordan © Claudia Fernandes / Shutterstock
Have an eye from the sky over Wadi Rum from a hot-air balloon © Claudia Fernandes / Shutterstock

Rise above Wadi Rum in a hot-air balloon

Stretching more than 700 sq km and home to the lunar-like landscapes of Lawrence of Arabia and The Martian film fame, Wadi Rum is every bit as massive and mesmerising as you might imagine. It's impossible to see all of this vast ‘Valley of the Moon’ if you only have a couple of days and are travelling by jeep or on foot. But where there’s a will and a hot-air balloon there’s a way. The gentle pace and bird’s eye view from the balloon basket create a divine setting for out-of-this-world photo ops and champagne bottle pops. Be sure to request a private ride and any additional arrangements (such as a picnic basket, photographer or beverages) when booking.

Women watching the sunset at Petra, Jordan © Aline Fortuna / Shutterstock
Watch the sunset slip below the desert mountains © Aline Fortuna / Shutterstock

Watch a postcard-perfect sunset in southern Jordan

A sunset shared is arguably romantic anywhere in the world, but the dramatic landscapes of southern Jordan add an extra element of enchantment. Grab a blanket, pack a picnic basket and dig your toes into the desert sand in Wadi Rum, where the sun often paints the towering sandstone rocks in soft pinks and purples. If you prefer your sunsets with a side of sea, book a sunset sail on the Red Sea in Aqaba and wrap up this romantic day sipping Jordanian wine aboard a boat as it cruises the sapphire-coloured waters.

Sleep under the stars

Desert magic doesn’t stop simply because the sun disappears. Jordan’s night sky provides a brilliant backdrop for romance, and you’ll discover ample opportunities to snuggle under the stars. The lack of light pollution in remote areas such as Wadi Rum and Dana Biosphere Reserve make these places perfect for scouting constellations and sighting shooting stars. Whether you lounge atop the roof at Feynan Eco Lodge or cuddle up in a bubble tent in Wadi Rum, stargazing is bound to be one of your most memorable and romantic moments on your Jordan journey.

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