Must-see attractions in Hoi An

  • Tan Ky House in Hoi An.

    Tan Ky House

    Hoi An

    Built two centuries ago by an ethnically Vietnamese family, this gem of a house has been lovingly preserved through seven generations. Look out for signs…

  • Japanese covered bridge

    Japanese Covered Bridge

    Hoi An

    Emblematic of Hoi An, this beautiful bridge was first constructed in the 1590s by the Japanese community to link it with the Chinese quarters. Over the…

  • Tran Family Chapel

    Hoi An

    Built for worshipping family ancestors of the Tran (陳) clan, this chapel (more accurately an ancestral hall) dates back to 1802. It was commissioned by…

  • People walk down the colonial streets in historic old town Hoi An.

    Hoi An Old Town

    Hoi An

    By Unesco decree, more than 800 historic buildings in Hoi An have been preserved, so much of the Old Town looks as it did several centuries ago. Eighteen…

  • Confucius Temple

    Hoi An

    Behind an impressive gate emblazoned with Chinese chu nho characters that simply translate as 'Confucius Temple', this magnificent temple to the west of…

  • Phung Hung Old House

    Hoi An

    Just a few steps down from the Japanese Covered Bridge, this old house has a wide, welcoming entrance hall decorated with exquisite lanterns, wall…

  • Precious Heritage Museum by Réhahn

    Hoi An

    Hoi An–based French photographer Réhahn has conceived this cross between museum and gallery, combining his outstanding photos of Vietnam's hill tribes…

  • Interior of Quan Cong Temple.

    Quan Cong Temple

    Hoi An

    Founded in 1653, this small temple is dedicated to Quan Cong, an esteemed Chinese general who is worshipped as a symbol of loyalty, sincerity, integrity…

  • monks

    Phuoc Lam Pagoda

    Hoi An

    This pagoda (founded in the mid-17th century) is associated with An Thiem, a Vietnamese prodigy and monk from the age of eight. When he was 18, he…

  • Traditional yellow ochre building in Hoi An, Vietnam; Shutterstock ID 352944071; Your name (First / Last): Josh Vogel; GL account no.: 56530; Netsuite department name: Online Design; Full Product or Project name including edition: Digital Content/Sights

    Tran Duong House

    Hoi An

    There’s a whole block of colonnaded French colonial buildings on Ð Phan Boi Chau between Nos 22 and 73, among them the 19th-century Tran Duong House. It’s…

  • Chinese All-Community Assembly Hall

    Hoi An

    Founded in 1773, this assembly hall was used by Fujian, Cantonese, Hainanese, Chaozhou and Hakka congregations in Hoi An. To the right of the entrance are…

  • Cam Kim Island

    Hoi An

    The master woodcarvers who crafted the intricate detail adorning Hoi An’s public buildings and the historic homes of the town’s merchants came from Kim…

  • Ba Le Well

    Hoi An

    This square well’s claim to fame is that it’s the source of water for making authentic cao lau, a Hoi An speciality. The well is said to date from Cham…

  • Museum of Trading Ceramics

    Hoi An

    Occupies a restored wooden house and contains a small collection of artefacts from all over Asia, with oddities from as far afield as Egypt. While this…

  • Chuc Thanh Pagoda

    Hoi An

    Founded in 1454 by a Buddhist monk from China, this is the oldest pagoda in Hoi An. Among the antique ritual objects still in use are several bells, a…

  • Quan Thang House

    Hoi An

    This house is three centuries old and was built by a Chinese captain. As usual, the architecture includes Japanese and Chinese elements. There are some…

  • Handicraft Workshop

    Hoi An

    Housed in a 200-year-old Chinese trading house, the Handicraft Workshop has artisans making silk lanterns and practising traditional embroidery in the…

  • Diep Dong Nguyen House

    Hoi An

    Built for a wealthy Chinese merchant in the late 19th century, this old house looks like an apothecary from another era. The front room was once a…

  • Phap Bao Pagoda

    Hoi An

    Meaning the 'Treasure of the Law Temple', Phap Bao Pagoda has a colourful facade of ceramics and murals and an elaborate roof with snake-like dragons…

  • Hoi An Museum of History & Culture

    Hoi An

    Housed in the Quan Am Pagoda, this museum provides a sampling of pre-Cham, Cham and port-era artefacts, with some huge bells, historic photos, old scales…

  • Thanh Ha Terracotta Park

    Hoi An

    This museum presents an overview of the history of terracotta in different countries and cultures around the world. Often there are local craftspeople in…

  • Museum of Folklore in Hoi An

    Hoi An

    The exhibits at this 150-year-old Chinese trading house give some idea of local customs and culture. The view of the river from upstairs is very…

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