Tran Family Chapel

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Built for worshipping family ancestors of the Tran (陳) clan, this chapel (more accurately an ancestral hall) dates back to 1802. It was commissioned by Tran Tu, a member of the clan who ascended to the rank of mandarin and served as an ambassador to China. His picture is to the right of the chapel as you enter. The architecture of the building reflects the influence of Chinese (the 'turtle'-style roof), Japanese (triple beam) and vernacular (bow-and-arrow detailing) styles.

The wooden boxes on the altar contain the Tran ancestors’ stone tablets, with chiselled Chinese characters setting out the dates of birth and death, along with some small personal effects. On the anniversary of each family member’s death, their box is opened, incense is burned and food is offered.

After a short tour, you’ll be shown to the ‘antique’ room, where there are lots of coins for sale, and a side room full of souvenirs.

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