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$150 Day Trips & Excursions

Grand Canyon and Historic Homestead Tour from St George Utah

You and your party will be picked up in the wonderful city of St. George, Utah right at your hotel or you can meet the shuttle at two locations. The first stop will be at Pipe Springs where you can buy snacks and goodies, and use the restroom. Then away you go on the back country roads of the Arizona Strip! You will ride in comfort while you enjoy the beautiful vistas. You will stop at The Old Dueling Sevens Ranch House, a historic homestead. Then you'll drive the "Bumpy Terrain" to an overlook of the Grand Canyon where you and your group can explore, hike, take photos and eat lunch provided by your tour guide. From there, you can hike to see ancient Indian petroglyphs. Then, after one more beautiful overlook of the valley, your guide will begin the journey back to St. George.

$189 Outdoor Activities

ATV Tour- Half Day

This tour rises to an elevation of about 3500 feet with spectacular views of lakes and different mountain ranges, you’ll climb high enough to reach the Major Sand Dunes and have time to do what we refer to as Sand Ballet an experience you will never forget! There is a box canyon you ride through on your way down the mountain that was surly a hiding place for the outlaws back in the day. This tour is a bit of a diggin’ in the dirt tour, however it is your choice if you want to wear that dirt home or not! Each person is at their own comfort level and nobody is ever asked to do anything more than they are comfortable with. Remember we are all about safety and fun!!!! This tour can also be modified easily for the first time or family rides.

$89 Tours & Sightseeing

Petroglyph Tour

During your tour with us you will experience: -Petroglyphs- you will love the Ancient Petroglyphs at Little Black Mountain left over an 8,000 year period by the Fremont, Anasazi and Paiute Indians. -Glitter Mountain- you'll get to explore the Gypsum Mine also known as Glitter Mountain, where you can gather some of your own crystals. -Historical Fort- visit the historical remains of Fort Pearce which served to protect the pioneers during the Utah Black Hawk War. -Dinosaur Tracks- explore Warner Valley Dinosaur tracks where you can compare the size of your shoe with a Eubrontes track possibly made by a Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur. -Come see the amazing red sand dunes, different than anything else on earth. We provide Snacks and Ice Cold water bottles Things you'll want to Bring- • Sun Glasses • Hat • Jacket (unless it’s the middle of summer) • You'll definitely want a camera • We provide water but if you have other non-alcoholic beverages you’d like to bring we typically have cooler space for them.

$34.92 Outdoor Activities

Hike & Yoga in the Heart of Athens

We'll meet at the Syntagma Square, a very central and easy spot to find and head to the Lycabettus Hill. There are multiple routes to choose so the hike can be quite easy or even strenuous if we need a good workout! The Hill is a very sacred and beautiful place and the view of the city is astonishing. We will see Athens from up above, have a good view on the historical center and discuss the most important facts about Athens. We will see the beautiful chapel of St George that looks like the churches of the greek islands and take pictures on our way down. Then we will get to the secret spot our yoga class will take place, warm up a bit and go for our practice gazing at the amazing city as it lays on the feet of the hill. A nice relaxation part will follow where we will forget a bit about the urban rythm and connect with nature and our deeper selves. As we return we will enjoy some post workout snack and get ready for the rest of the day.

$150 Day Trips & Excursions

Arizona Strip Homestead Tour

The Arizona Strip, to the north of the Colorado River, beckons with its red-rock canyons dotted with sagebrush, which flourish in arid climates. This tour gives you the opportunity to explore the Arizona Strip and enjoy its scenic backdrop for great pictures and wildlife. You will view the awesome vegetation on this life-giving mountain in the middle of the dessert and see where the timber for the St. George temple was harvested. You will also learn how early pioneers traveled the rugged terrain to bring the materials to St. George. This tour is approximately 6 hours and a sack lunch will be provided.

$125 Day Trips & Excursions

Mt Trumbull Day Trip

Life in the desert was a struggle for early settlers of the Arizona Strip but Mount Trumbull provided these people not only the chance to survive but to help build a thriving city in Saint George. The Mount Trumbull tour will show visitors how this rugged area helped the settlers of Southern Utah create a successful life in the desert.The timber used to build the Saint George LDS Temple was harvested from Mount Trumbull and visitors will be able to see where this was done and learn how this lumber was then brought to Saint George. During this 4-6 hour tour visitors will have many opportunities for photography as well as time for hiking and exploring the Mount Trumbull area and enjoy the wildlife found in this area.