Red Hook

Red Hook is a place apart, a waterfront area with cobblestone streets, hulking industrial buildings and a fair number of public housing developments. Almost more like an island village than a neighborhood, it's separated from the other nearby fashionable areas of Brooklyn by the notoriously gridlocked Brooklyn–Queens Expwy, and surrounded by water on its other three sides. New Yorkers make the trek out here – it's a bit of a hike (or a short bus ride) from the nearest subway – to hit up a handful of bars and eateries, as well as the Brooklyn branch of Swedish furniture giant Ikea and a massive waterfront branch of Fairway, a beloved gourmet grocery store – both offering breathtaking views of New York Harbor.

You can get to Red Hook from Lower Manhattan's Pier 11 via NYC Ferry or NY Water Taxi, which has two docks in Red Hook (behind Fairway and Ikea).