Turasan Winery


The abundant sunshine and fertile volcanic soil of Cappadocia produce delicious sweet grapes, and several wineries carry on the Ottoman Greek winemaking tradition. You can sample some of the local produce here; there's a free tasting of two small samples (one red, one white) then a paid tasting of three larger ones.

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1. Old Village

0.26 MILES

The back alleys of Ürgüp are home to many examples of the traditional stone architecture of this region. In particular, in the northern section of the old…

2. Temenni Wishing Hill

0.41 MILES

Home to a saint's tomb and a cafe, this viewpoint has 360-degree views over Ürgüp.

4. Ürgüp Museum

0.55 MILES

This dusty, rather neglected small museum features some 10-million-year-old tusks from a forerunner of the elephant, unearthed at Mustafapaşa, but the…

5. Mosque

0.66 MILES

Ürgüp's mosque is an excellent landmark to get your bearings from, right in the centre of town.

6. Three Graces Fairy Chimneys

0.71 MILES

These three black-capped fairy-chimney formations (also known as 'the three beauties'), overlooking the rolling countryside just outside of town, are…

7. Pancarlı Kilise

1.73 MILES

This rarely visited 11th-century church is snuggled amid a particularly photogenic vista of orange-hued rock. The small nave has a dazzling interior of…

8. Hallacdere Monastery

1.78 MILES

The facade of this rock-cut complex has some of the most colourful geometric pigeon-house decorations in Cappadocia while inside there are unusual…