Must-see attractions in Ürgüp

  • Old Village


    The back alleys of Ürgüp are home to many examples of the traditional stone architecture of this region. In particular, in the northern section of the old…

  • Three Graces Fairy Chimneys


    These three black-capped fairy-chimney formations (also known as 'the three beauties'), overlooking the rolling countryside just outside of town, are…

  • Turasan Winery


    The abundant sunshine and fertile volcanic soil of Cappadocia produce delicious sweet grapes, and several wineries carry on the Ottoman Greek winemaking…

  • Temenni Wishing Hill


    Home to a saint's tomb and a cafe, this viewpoint has 360-degree views over Ürgüp.

  • Ürgüp Museum


    This dusty, rather neglected small museum features some 10-million-year-old tusks from a forerunner of the elephant, unearthed at Mustafapaşa, but the…

  • Mosque


    Ürgüp's mosque is an excellent landmark to get your bearings from, right in the centre of town.

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