Kızılçukur Viewpoint

Top choice in Cappadocia

One of the best views of Kızılçukur (Red) Valley's fang-like rock cones and wavy cliff ridges is from this lookout point, signposted off the highway, opposite the Ortahisar turn-off road. For hikers there are trailheads into the main valley area from here, allowing you to do a circular loop of Kızılçukur and Güllüdere ('Rose) Valley or finish in Göreme or Çavuşin. Rustic cafes at the viewpoint provide refreshments for those who just want to admire the valley vista.

The Ürgüp–Avanos, Ürgüp–Nevşehir and Ortahisar–Ürgüp dolmuşes can all drop you at the turn-off, from where it's about 2km to the viewpoint. From late afternoon to sunset the viewpoint gets crammed with tour groups. Head here in the morning to avoid the crowds.

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