Must see attractions in Togo

  • Sights in Sokodé

    Parc National de Fazao-Malfakassa

    This 1920-sq-km national park is one of the most diverse West African parks in terms of landscape, with forest, savannah, rocky cliffs and waterfalls. The park boasts 203 species of bird and many species of mammal, including monkeys, antelope and around 40 somewhat elusive elephants.

  • Sights in Kara

    Parc Sarakawa

    Unpretentious and relaxing, Parc Sarakawa is easily accessed from Kara as a day trip. While its wildlife-watching can't compare with that of the better-known parks in West Africa, this park spreads out over 607 hectares and is home to various species of antelope, buffaloes, ostriches and zebras. Game drives (CFA5000) can be arranged at the gate. There are plans to build a lodge within the park in the future.

  • Sights in Lomé

    Centre Culturel Français

    Offers regular films, concerts and exhibitions, and has a good selection of books and up-to-date newspapers.

  • Sights in Lomé

    Grand Marché

    The labyrinthine Grand Marché is Togo at its most colourful and entrepreneurial. You'll find everything at this market, from Togolese football tops to cheap cosmetics.

  • Sights in Lomé

    Marché des Féticheurs

    The Marché des Féticheurs, 4km northeast of the centre, stocks all the ingredients for traditional fetishes, from porcupine skin to serpent head. It's all a bit grisly but it's important to remember that a vast majority of Togolese retain animist beliefs and fetishes are an integral part of local culture. Guides are not required, but it's helpful to hire one as they'll explain what is on offer and how the items are used in voodoo.

  • Sights in Kpalimé

    Cascade de Womé

    One great attraction in the Kpalimé area is these falls, 12km from Kpalimé. You pay the admission fee to the Association Akatamanso at the entrance of the village of Womé (ask for a receipt); then it's a further 4km to the picnic area near the falls. From the picnic area, it's a short but steep descent to the waterfalls through lush vegetation. You can swim beneath the falls – bliss!

  • Sights in Koutammakou

    Tamberma Compound

    This is an excellent example of a typical Tamberma compound, called a tata. There's a variety of traditional, inhabited tatas here, so typically a visit includes a greeting by the head of the compound and then the opportunity to enter a select few homes. Look for the fetish statues out front – they're meant to keep evil spirits away. The compound is about 2km from Nadoba, the area's main village. Purchase tickets at the Accueil et Billetterie office.

  • Sights in Aného

    Vogan Friday Market

    This is one of the biggest and most colourful markets in Togo, with produce and bric-a-brac and a fun atmosphere. It's great for embracing local culture as well as picking up some fruit and veg.

  • Sights in Kpalimé


    Local farmers sell their produce here; there's also the usual bric-a-brac of plasticware and clothes. Since it's one of the biggest markets around this area, it's also the place where people meet and chat – offering some great people-watching and a chance to absorb the local culture.

  • Sights in Lomé

    Presidential Palace

    The home of the president is an imposing modern structure, worth a few pics and the chance to see the guards dressed in their finest.