Centre Culturel Français


Offers regular films, concerts and exhibitions, and has a good selection of books and up-to-date newspapers.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Lomé attractions

1. Grand Marché

0.44 MILES

The labyrinthine Grand Marché is Togo at its most colourful and entrepreneurial. You'll find everything at this market, from Togolese football tops to…

2. Presidential Palace

1.16 MILES

The home of the president is an imposing modern structure, worth a few pics and the chance to see the guards dressed in their finest.

3. Marché des Féticheurs

2.42 MILES

The Marché des Féticheurs, 4km northeast of the centre, stocks all the ingredients for traditional fetishes, from porcupine skin to serpent head. It's all…

4. Vogan Friday Market

25.19 MILES

This is one of the biggest and most colourful markets in Togo, with produce and bric-a-brac and a fun atmosphere. It's great for embracing local culture…