Gemeenlandshuis van Delfland


This building with its elaborate sandstone facade was commissioned by Jan de Huyter, the bailiff of Delfland, in the early 16th century. The Delfland Water Board has been located here since 1645.

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1. Museum Prinsenhof Delft

0.06 MILES

William of Orange (William the Silent) was assassinated in this former convent in 1584 (the bullet hole in the wall is preserved), becoming the world's…

2. Oude Kerk

0.06 MILES

Founded c 1246, the Oude Kerk is a surreal sight: its 75m-high tower, which was erected c 1350, leans nearly 2m from the vertical due to subsidence caused…

3. Waag

0.11 MILES

This 16th-century weighing house behind the Stadhuis remained in use until 1960. It now houses the De Waag cafe and restaurant.

4. Stadhuis

0.13 MILES

Delft's town hall has an unusual combination of Renaissance construction surrounding an early 14th-century tower.

5. Vermeer Centrum Delft

0.16 MILES

Johannes Vermeer was born in Delft in 1632 and lived here until his death in 1675, aged only 43. Although none of his works remain in Delft, this centre…

6. Markt

0.16 MILES

One of the largest historic market squares in Europe, the rectangular Markt was first paved in the late 15th century. It is edged by the town hall, Nieuwe…

7. Museum Paul Tetar van Elven

0.18 MILES

Off the usual tourist radar, this museum is the former studio and home of 19th-century Dutch artist Paul Tetar van Elven, who lived and worked here from…

8. Nieuwe Kerk


Construction of Delft's Nieuwe Kerk began in 1381; it was finally completed in 1655. The church has been the final resting place of almost every member of…