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One of the Dutch sites on Unesco's World Heritage List, this stretch of the Alblasserwaard polder encompasses two canals, 19 traditional windmills, a pumping station that's been repurposed as a visitor centre and a dual pedestrian and bicycle path between the canals. Two of the windmills – the 17th century Nederwaard and Blokweer mills – function as museums, offering an insight into the past lives of miller families. A video about the polder and its windmills screens in the 19th-century Wisboom pumping station.

The walk or ride along the length of the site and back is an easy 5.7km. A cafe and ice-cream stands are dotted along the pathway. If you're lucky, some of the mills will have their sails spinning – a truly majestic sight.

Entry to the Kinderdijk site and the canal path is free, but you'll need to purchase a ticket (adult/child 4–12 €8/5.50) to enter the two windmill museums and the visitor centre in the Wisboom pumping station. Note that tickets are €1 cheaper when booked online. There are also optional cruises along the canal (adult/child 4–11 €5.50/3).

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