Grote Markt


The main square holds some gems, of which the Town Hall, dating from 1810, is the most dazzling. The string of cafes along the south side are perpetually buzzing. A 1950s melange that sprang up on the east side following wartime devastation is in the process of being updated, and will aptly be known as Nieuwe Markt (New Market) when complete in late 2019.

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1. Town Hall

0.03 MILES

The Town Hall is an eye-catching building on the Grote Markt. It was built in 1810.

2. Nieuwe Markt

0.05 MILES

This dynamic city's most ambitious redevelopment project to date, the gleaming 'New Market' square is slated to become an A-lister hub for alfresco…

3. Martinitoren

0.05 MILES

A climb up 251 steep and spiralling stone steps to the summit of this elegant, 96m-tall medieval tower (1482) rewards with grand views – and worrisome…

4. Martinikerk

0.07 MILES

This huge 16th-century church commands the northeast corner of Grote Markt. The iconic church and its tower, Martinitoren, are among the few remnants of…

5. Forum Cultural Centre

0.08 MILES

Groningen's landmark cultural centre - home to the city's tourist office, library, five cinemas, exhibition spaces, the Nederlands Stripmuseum and a…

6. Academiegebouw

0.17 MILES

The stunning, Dutch Renaissance Academiegebouw is the main building of the university, with a breathtaking, richly decorated exterior from 1909.

7. Prinsentuin

0.21 MILES

Take a breather at the serene gardens of Prinsenhof, a 15th-century mansion-turned–luxury hotel with peaceful Renaissance-style gardens fragranced with…

8. Aa-kerk

0.27 MILES

Located in the old harbour area, Aa-kerk was once a seaman's church dating to 1226. No longer a church, it is used as a concert and reception hall today.