Top choice in Noord Brabant

Is Efteling Europe's greatest theme park? The Dutch certainly think so. Their 'Disneyland' pulls in more than four million visitors annually and offers a great selection of enchanting fairy-tale themed entertainment, talking trees and water shows but also some of the craziest rollercoasters you're likely to ride, including the 360-degree screamer 'Baron', and in-the-dark sensory-overload 'Vogel Kock'.

Efteling is near the unassuming town of Kaatsheuvel. Buses 300 and 301 stop at Efteling between Tilburg (€3, 20 minutes) and Den Bosch (€4.90, 40 minutes), running several times an hour.

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1. Draaiend Huis

4.45 MILES

Slowly turning around the Hasselt Rotonde, this lonely 'house' is actually a controversial artwork by architectural-sculptor John Körmeling.

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8. Breda Castle

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