Top choice in Noord Brabant

Ringed by grassy medieval rampart-banks, the charming citadel-village of Woudrichem became famed as the set for popular TV drama Dokter Tinus. Its small harbour is filled with old-world fishing boats, the relatively intact central square (Hoogstraat) is lined with 17th-century houses, and there are a couple of floating restaurants. An 'on call' mini-ferry (€1.40 each way) takes pedestrians across the creek from the yacht marina to Kasteel Loevesteen, a 14th-century moated castle that's also an upmarket B&B.

Cyclists can reach nearby Gorinchem using a different ferry, beside whose dock parks a fish-seller's van selling delicious, locally caught perch (baars) which they'll fry up to order.

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Nearby Noord Brabant attractions

1. Slot Loevestein

0.78 MILES

Located near the tiny, beautiful little walled town of Woudrichem, this evocative 14th-century keep has functioned as a prison, residence and toll castle;…

2. Heusden

8.16 MILES

Picture-postcard little Heusden features antique tile-roofed houses, post-mills, minibridge and lovely inner yacht-harbour all wrapped in a fortified…

3. Biesbosch National Park

8.27 MILES

One of the largest expanses of natural space left in the Netherlands, this national park preserves landscape and animal habitats on both banks of the…

4. Efteling

12.91 MILES

Is Efteling Europe's greatest theme park? The Dutch certainly think so. Their 'Disneyland' pulls in more than four million visitors annually and offers a…

5. Dordrechts Museum

14.22 MILES

Celebrating Dordrecht's artistic heritage, this fine-art museum has two floors filled with canvases depicting the landscape in this part of the…

6. Het Hof

14.3 MILES

It was in this evocative courtyard that the states of Holland and Zeeland met in 1572 to declare independence from Spain. The Het Hof van Nederland Museum…

7. Museum 1940–1945

14.58 MILES

This small museum explores the privations of the Dordrecht region during WWII. Museumkaarts are not accepted.

8. Museum Simon van Gijn

14.59 MILES

Once the home of prominent lawyer and art collector Simon van Gijn (1836–1922), this house was built in 1729 but was extensively remodelled in van Gijn's…