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Wat Prathat Lampang Laung Local Market Wat Prathat Haripunchai Wat Chama Thewe

Start the tour at 8 am and pick up from you hotel in the city then drive to the south of Chiang Mai about 1 hour we will arrive at Wat Prathat Lampang Laung the important and famous temple in Lampang Province.On the way to Lamphun we will visit the Local Market where you can see alot of producct from the local people and something which it's hard to find at the market in the city.Lunch at the local restaurant on the way to Lamphun Province.Visit Wat Prathat Haripunchai the famous temple for this province and also visit another important temple on the way back to Chiang Mai this temple name's name Wat Chama Thewe.

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We will pick up you from your hotel lobby at 8:00 am then drive to Lampang Province which is a province located South of Chaing Mai Province. At around 1.5 Hours we will arrive at Wat Prathat Lampang Laung.  This is a symbol and famous Buddhist temple of Lampang. It’s the only temple in Thailand where you can see the pagoda shape in an upside down fashion.  Afterward we will continue to drive to Wat Chaleom Prakiat, (The Unseen temple in Lampang Province,) or sometimes called “ The temple on the hill.”  When we arrive, we will first have lunch at a local restaurant and then take a truck drive up to another stop where we’ll do a mini trek, about 800 Meters, to the temple.  When we arrive there you can see the beautiful panoramic views around. Afterwards we will return to your hotel in chaing Mai city.

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Full Day Unseen Temples in Lampang from Chiang Mai

Visit: Chiang Mai Local Tours - Private Day ToursWat Chalermprakiat: The Temple (Almost) in the Sky (Lampang)This is a must see in unseen temple in Thailand, located at Jae Hom district in Lampang province. Some 165 km. or about 2:30hrs drive from Chiang MaiWat Chalermprakiat brings us closer to the heavens – or to the sky if you wish.You will have to walk up 20-30 minute to the pagodas at the top. It’s almost entirely uphill and much of the way is on steel staircases, there are lots of places to rest on the way up and take photograph. At the top absolutely stunning and breathtaking views and this is a highlight.The mountain tops and cliffs are dotted with a number of stupa and temple structures, the materials for which was all carried up the hill by hand. The temple is may look like some ancient temple but it was actually built in 2004 to commemorate 200 years since the reign of King Rama IV of Thailand.This is an amazing and beautiful place to visit and I highly recommend it to all.Street art at China market in LampangThe old market district is located parallel to the Wang River.In the Chinese market on the waterfront. There are ancient buildings almost 100 years old on the old market is considered as the economic road. The old And historical valueHere you can see Lampang iconic bridge and the street art movement toadd life and beauty to the river walk and the community. Highly recommend for people who love to take beautiful pictures or selfie with paintings on a wall similar to Penang, Malaysia.Lampangluang templeWat Phra That Lampang Luang, One of the best examples of Lanna architecture in Thailand. The temple itself is prominently sited on a hillock surrounded by walls. The entrance arches, called Pratu Khong, is adorned with fine plaster designs. The wall-less main vihan (ordination hall) houses a bronze Buddha statue called the Phra Chao Lan Thong. At the end of vihan (ordination hall) is a place where golden chedi in Lanna architectural style containing a Holy Relic situated. Also in the back of the temple, there is another vihan (ordination hall) with beautiful murals on wooden walls, said to be the oldest in the North. The temple also has a large collection of ancient wooden utensils.Itinerary • 7am: Pick up from your Chiang Mai hotels and drive to Lampang • Take a local truck to the half way to temple (15 Mins) • Walk up hill to Wat Chalermprakiat (20-30 Mins) • Enjoy stunning and breathtaking views from mountain top • Drive to Lampang city • Enjoy Thai local food as Lampang has offer • Chill and shop on art street. • Visit Lampangluang Temple • Return to Chiang Mai and arrive about 6pm.

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Full Day Undiscovered Chae Son and Wat Phar Phu Daeng

Adventurers in search for something new, walking the path less trodden should seriously consider heading over into the Lampang province and follow our trails into undiscovered paths into nature. A cornucopia or natural splendour – ranging from waterfalls, caves and the popular hot springs – are sources of awe-inspiring moments as soon as your enter the Chae Son National Park borders. Void of western influences within a short drive from Chiang Mai, our chosen trekking and walking paths are perfect green representation of what northern Thailand is so famous for. In addition, Wat Phar Phu Daeng may not appear on a lot of travel itineraries but has gained name and fame as one of Thailand’s Unseen Attractions due to its stunning beauty and great importance to the region. A full day of adventure, nature, culture and a deeper understanding of the region’s importance for its local residents. An early departure from your booked Chiang Mai hotel commences with being welcomed by your guide and driver for the day. The leisurely drive in southern direction into the Lampang province will take approximately 1 hour as we head towards the Chae Son National Park, one of the more mountainous forest regions in the far Northeastern corner of the province. Rich in vegetation and protected by local authorities as within its borders, guests are constantly awe-struck for its beauty and unspoilt vegetation that grows wildly with the seasons. The main area for walks lies between the Muang Bahn and Jae Hom districts and covers an area of over 590 square kilometres with ample well-laid out paths and trails for an refreshing trip. Not only tourism benefits from this: protection of its water sources are on the forefront of conservation initiatives as it serves as the main source for providing water for the villages surrounding the park. Your guide will lead the way and showing you why this national park, with its caves, waterfalls and hot springs, is such a treat for the avid hiking and trekking enthusiast. After our hike, we head over to a local restaurant before moving on deeper into the Jae Hom district to admire one of Thailand less-known but stunning mountain temples, called Wat Phar Phu Dang. Perched on the edge of a mountain, constructed 700 meters above sea level and offering 360-degree vistas after reaching the top of the temple, this will be a highlight of your Thailand visit. The challenge to reach the top of Wat Phar Phu Dang requires a good condition as the climb up via the three main parts (part driving and part via a 500-meter steep climb via a very steep staircase) is quite challenge. The reward of seeing the valleys, mountain tops and nothing but green and more green from the peak will make you forget the arduous journey. Slowly making your way back to the base of the temple will be the final activity on this adventure-filled day before heading back to Chiang Mai and your booked hotel.


Best of Thailand – West Coast Islands

This 20-day whirlwind experience of Thailand brings together all the cultural beauty of the north with the stunning nature of the south. Discover the gorgeous temples of ancient Ayutthaya, roam the bustling streets of Bangkok, and swim in the idyllic waters of the south's coastal paradise. See Thailand the right way on this journey of a lifetime.

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Thailand Encompassed

This is the ultimate Thailand experience for every kind of traveller. This 23-day trip combines the best highlights of Northern Thailand, with the picturesque, tropical islands of the south. Experience cultural touchstones like the former capital city of Ayutthaya and a hilltribe trek outside of Chiang Mai and then head south to discover some of the most idyllic beaches in the entire world. Want Thailand? You've got it.

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