Beigang Old Street


Beigang Old St is the long strip of Zhongshan Rd in front of Chaotian Temple. It's been a hub of commercial activity since the Qing dynasty, its prosperity inseparable from how brightly the incense burns at the temple. Flanking the wide, very walkable street are traditional shops and stalls selling Beigang specialities such as sesame oil, goose eggs and peanut candy, as well as daily necessities such as farming implements and miniature deities.

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1. Chaotian Temple

0.04 MILES

This temple was founded in 1694 when a monk brought a Mazu statue to the area. Like its neighbour, Fengtian Temple, Chaotian was at one time or another…

2. Wude Temple


Wude Temple is one of Taiwan's earliest and largest temples dedicated to the God of Wealth (財神), the folk deity whose bearded image graces doors and red…

3. Fengtian Temple

2.84 MILES

This temple, founded in 1622, claims to be the first Mazu temple on mainland Taiwan. The original temple is said to have collapsed, been rebuilt,…

4. National Palace Museum Southern Branch

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Fans of historical art and antiques will have a field day here: there is exquisite Buddhist art from Asia's oldest civilisations, excellent displays on…

5. Aogu Wetlands and Forest Park

10.55 MILES

The sprawling 15-sq-km wetland park includes mud beaches, marshes, lagoons, fish farms, beefwood forests and tracts of thick shrub. Dozens of bird species…

6. Museum of Old Taiwan Tiles

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An old timber house is the lovely setting for this museum that throws light on the history and preservation of Taiwan's old tiles. The gorgeous patterns…

7. Chiayi Cultural Center

10.85 MILES

The Chiayi Municipal Cultural Center comprises a concert hall, a library, the Chiayi Municipal Museum, and the Koji Ceramic Museum in its basement. It's…

8. Koji Ceramic Museum

10.85 MILES

A museum dedicated to cochin (koji), a low-fired, brightly coloured glaze style of ceramic traditionally used for temple decoration. It’s in the basement…