Chiayi Cultural Center

The Chiayi Municipal Cultural Center comprises a concert hall, a library, the Chiayi Municipal Museum, and the Koji Ceramic Museum in its basement. It's around 1.5km from Chiayi Train Station.

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1. Koji Ceramic Museum

A museum dedicated to cochin (koji), a low-fired, brightly coloured glaze style of ceramic traditionally used for temple decoration. It’s in the basement…

2. Alishan Forest Railway Chiayi Garage

0.17 MILES

The tree-lined garage is actually a park with an assortment of old steam locomotives. Train buffs and kids alike will love it. Look for the SL13 (built in…

3. Prison Museum

0.39 MILES

Offering a taste of life behind bars, free admission to this museum includes an hour-long guided tour, which is repeated four times per day Tuesday to…

4. Museum of Old Taiwan Tiles

0.52 MILES

An old timber house is the lovely setting for this museum that throws light on the history and preservation of Taiwan's old tiles. The gorgeous patterns…

5. City God Temple

0.68 MILES

This is the spiritual centre of Chiayi and is dedicated to the City God. First constructed in 1715, many of the best parts of the temple hail from a 1941…

6. Chiayi Park


This huge park is a repository of the natural and urban history of the city, offering old trees, landscaped hills, a moat, Qing-dynasty stelae, a…

7. Ming Yuan Pharmacy

0.96 MILES

Ming Yuan was a pharmacy; now it's a shrine to Taiwan's indigenous flora. Owner Mr Tsai has managed to cram every corner of the tiny shop with unusual…

8. Fengtian Temple

8.15 MILES

This temple, founded in 1622, claims to be the first Mazu temple on mainland Taiwan. The original temple is said to have collapsed, been rebuilt,…