Nantou County

The forest-resort area known as Shanlinxi Forest Recreation Area (literally, Sun Link Sea FRA) has waterfalls, cherry blossoms in spring, and maple in autumn. It is less developed and has fewer tourists than the more popular Sitou to its north, and offers long hikes away from the crowds. There are few eating options here, but the restaurants at the couple of hotels serve set meals for NT$200 to $350 per head.

Nantou Bus Company has five buses (Route 6871) daily from Taichung to Shanlinxi (NT$281, 4 hours, 6.45am to 4.25pm). Taiwan Tour runs frequent buses from Taichung to Sitou (NT$167, 1½ hours, from 6.40am to 3pm), via Taichung train station and Taichung HSR station. The bus departs at 10am daily and goes to Shanlinxi after it stops at Sitou. From Sitou one bus departs daily at 7.30am for Shanlinxi (NT$57, 45mins).

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Nantou County attractions

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5. Wuchang Temple

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6. Yuyupas

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7. CheCheng Wood Museum

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8. Mingtan Reservoir

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