Antique Assam Tea Farm

Top choice in Nantou County

An operating tea farm that's also a showcase for the reinstatement of tea shrubs to Sun Moon Lake. The speciality here is Assam black tea, introduced by the Japanese from India. In its heyday, this factory had over 200 workers, but it was forced to close down in the early 2000s due to farmers' preference for cultivating the more lucrative betel nut. A handful of veteran workers persisted and began growing organic Assam; they also turned the factory into a tourist attraction.

The compound has a factory, a boutique where you can sample various teas, including the famous 'Taiwan 18', and a garden with tea shrubs and a fountain – small but quite lovely. Note, though, that the tea farm is popular with tour groups. And when 20 people are packed into the small factory premises with everyone trying to take photos, it can be disconcerting. One option is to go right before it closes which has the bonus of having the perfect light for your pictures. The tea farm lies to the West of Hwy 21.