Cales Coves


A 5km drive east then south from Cala en Porter, these 90 Bronze-Age caves dug into the coastal cliffs are believed to have been used for ritual burials. Though not open to the public, they make a remarkable sight from the outside. The signposted car park is 800m north of pebbly Cales Coves beach.

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1. Torre d’en Galmés

3.07 MILES

If you visit only one of Menorca's Talayotic sites, make it the Torre d’en Galmés, the largest and best-preserved. Stop by the small information centre…

2. Torralba d’en Salord


Around 13km northwest of Maó (and signposted off the Me1), this Talayotic settlement dates back to 1000 BC. The standout feature is its impressive taula …

3. Talatí de Dalt

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At this Talayotic settlement, (signposted) 4km west of Maó, the roots of wild olive trees force apart the weathered stones of a large central talayot …

4. Son Bou

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The resort of Son Bou, 9km southwest of Alaior, boasts the island’s longest beach and most depressing development. Just beyond the beach’s eastern limit…

5. Binibèquer Vell

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Gleaming white and something of a tourist beehive, Binibèquer's core looks like a charming age-old fishing village, but, in fact, it was modelled on one…

6. Molí de Dalt

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Sant Lluís, a bright, white, grid-pattern inland town, was built by the French during their brief occupation of Menorca between 1756 and 1763. Stop to…

7. Bodegas Binifadet

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At Menorca’s top winery, 500m northeast of Sant Lluís, you can amble around vineyards at your own pace, or book in a one-hour guided tour that concludes…

8. Plaça de s’Esplanada

6.23 MILES

Maó’s main plaza is the large Plaça de s’Esplanada, originally a parade ground, laid out by the British. The narrow streets to its east are Maó’s oldest.