Port de Sant Miquel

North & Interior Ibiza

Originally a fishing village, 4km north of Sant Miquel de Balansat, this popular north-coast resort has a fine white-sand beach dominated by the huge concrete honeycomb of the Club San Miguel hotel. In this attractive, deep-sunk bay, you can waterski, canoe and hire snorkelling gear to explore the rocky shoreline. Offshore, tiny Illa des Bosc boasts a stunning villa with its own private beach.

Bus 25A runs to/from Ibiza Town (€2.80, seven or eight daily, May to October) via Sant Miquel.

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1. Caló des Moltons

0.17 MILES

This divine little cove lies just 250m west of Port de Sant Miquel – follow the unsigned path west around the bay to reach a small sandy beach with…

2. Cova de Can Marçà

0.23 MILES

A signposted turn-off as you enter Port de Sant Miquel from the south loops 1km northeast around a headland to these underground caverns, once a smugglers…

3. Benirràs

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Reached by two spectacular serpentine roads, the distant, silvery northern bay of Benirràs has high, forested cliffs, a trio of bar-restaurants and sun…

4. Església de Sant Miquel

1.59 MILES

Sant Miquel's shimmering-white 14th-century church-fortress sits atop a low-rise hill, on the site of a ruined Moorish-era farmstead. The restored early…

5. Es Portitxol


Encircled by a necklace of cliffs, this tiny, lonely and very isolated horseshoe-shaped rocky cove is perfect for escaping the Ibiza mayhem. Most of the…

6. Cala Xarraca

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Just over 3km southwest of Portinatx, a signposted side road loops past a smattering of villas to tiny Cala Xarraca, a thin strip of coarse sand and…

7. Cala d'Aubarca

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The giant bite-shaped bay of Cala d’Aubarca spans around 3km, and its sheer scale never fails to impress. It's signposted 2km north of Sant Mateu; a rough…

8. S'Illot des Renclí

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Between Calas Xuclar and Xarraca, just a few metres north of the main coastal road, you'll find the teeny-tiny cove of S'Illot des Renclí. An inviting…