Es Portitxol

North & Interior Ibiza

Encircled by a necklace of cliffs, this tiny, lonely and very isolated horseshoe-shaped rocky cove is perfect for escaping the Ibiza mayhem. Most of the year there's no one here, except the odd fisherman (fishers' huts fringe the back of the bay). It's a 20-minute walk northwest of the Illa Blanca urbanisation, 5km northwest of Sant Miquel.

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1. Cala d'Aubarca

1.22 MILES

The giant bite-shaped bay of Cala d’Aubarca spans around 3km, and its sheer scale never fails to impress. It's signposted 2km north of Sant Mateu; a rough…

2. Caló des Moltons

2.16 MILES

This divine little cove lies just 250m west of Port de Sant Miquel – follow the unsigned path west around the bay to reach a small sandy beach with…

3. Can Maymó

2.21 MILES

Can Maymó, 1.5km northeast of Sant Mateu, specialises in producing aromatic red wines, plus a white and a rosé, and offers tours that wrap up with a four…

4. Port de Sant Miquel


Originally a fishing village, 4km north of Sant Miquel de Balansat, this popular north-coast resort has a fine white-sand beach dominated by the huge…

5. Sa Cova

2.31 MILES

Just 2km northwest of Sant Mateu d'Aubarca, Sa Cova is an important, family-run Ibizan wine producer (mostly reds), with humble 1990s roots now translated…

6. Cova de Can Marçà

2.42 MILES

A signposted turn-off as you enter Port de Sant Miquel from the south loops 1km northeast around a headland to these underground caverns, once a smugglers…

7. Església de Sant Miquel

2.47 MILES

Sant Miquel's shimmering-white 14th-century church-fortress sits atop a low-rise hill, on the site of a ruined Moorish-era farmstead. The restored early…

8. Església de Sant Mateu d'Aubarca

2.57 MILES

Minuscule Sant Mateu d'Aubarca is worth stopping in for its graceful fortress-church, which dates from the late 18th century and has a triple-arched front…