North & Interior Ibiza

Take a lane west off the C733 beside the Camí de Balàfia restaurant, 2km northeast of Sant Llorenç, to find the once-fortified hamlet of Balàfia, where two homes have their own defence towers. Balàfia is often considered an Arabic-origin village, though the only thing definitely Arabic about the settlement is its name. There are a lot of privado (private) signs, but don't let these deter you from exploring its couple of lanes (which aren't private).

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1. Església de Sant Llorenç

0.39 MILES

Overlooking Sant Llorenç, this luminous-white, typically Ibizan 18th-century fortress-church is one of the island's most elegant, built at a time when…

2. Centre d'Interpretació Es Amunts


Learn all about the culture and environment of the Es Amunts region at this modern interpretation centre. The protected, densely forested Es Amunts…

3. Església de Sant Miquel


Sant Miquel's shimmering-white 14th-century church-fortress sits atop a low-rise hill, on the site of a ruined Moorish-era farmstead. The restored early…

4. Església de Sant Joan


The only real sight in Sant Joan, this village church is a whitewashed, slightly unusual (for Ibiza) 18th-century construction with distinctive splashes…

5. Església de Santa Gertrudis

3.82 MILES

Dominating Santa Gertrudis' main square, this 18th-century church has an impressive facade, with its small windows and 19th-century bell tower picked out…

6. Can Planetes

3.93 MILES

Santa Eulària gets its suffix, 'des Riu' (of the river), from the reed-fringed stream just west of town. There's usually little more than a trickle of…

7. Port de Sant Miquel

4.04 MILES

Originally a fishing village, 4km north of Sant Miquel de Balansat, this popular north-coast resort has a fine white-sand beach dominated by the huge…

8. Església de Puig de Missa

4.13 MILES

Sparkling high above town, this beautiful, whitewashed fortified church dates from 1568. Its most impressive features are its defence tower (used as a…