Ibiza Town

Something of a secret beach, S'Estanyol is a tiny, gorgeous pebbly cove, only accessible by a dirt road (rough in parts). A few fishing huts dot the seaweed-filled shoreline and offshore you'll find excellent snorkelling. It's 3km northeast of Talamanca, signposted from the northeast end of the bay; the last 1.5km is a dirt track.

By the shore, boho-cool chiringuito Cala Bonita serves fresh seafood, paella, contemporary tapas and a smart, local-produce-infused Mediterranean menu to a background of quality DJ beats.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Ibiza Town attractions

1. Cala Llonga

2.19 MILES

Framed by high wooded headlands to the north and south, Cala Llonga is an attractive, sheltered east-coast bay with a lovely sandy beach. It's a primarly…

2. Església de Jesús

2.25 MILES

Just 2km north of Talamanca beach, the bustling village of Jesús is home to a beautiful whitewashed church dating back to 1466, with a pillared portico…

3. Platja de Talamanca

2.27 MILES

This sheltered sandy bay, 3km east of Ibiza Town, is the best beach within walking distance of the capital. Tourism development hasn't been too unkind to…

4. Ses Feixes

2.39 MILES

On the inland side of Talamanca beach, the scruffy-looking fields of reeds and scrubs known as Ses Feixes were once Ibiza Town's vegetable garden. They…

5. Botafoc Peninsula

2.45 MILES

Beyond the Botafoc marina, the narrow Botafoc peninsula is home to Ibiza's main ferry terminal. A lighthouse marks its easternmost point.

6. Marina Botafoc


Forming the northern part of Ibiza Town's harbour, the Botafoc marina is one of Europe's most exclusive, full of gleaming yachts and with upmarket…

7. Casa Broner

3.09 MILES

Formerly the private home and studio of architect Erwin Broner (1898–1971), this modernist Sa Penya apartment is now open to the public. Broner, who was…

8. Carrer de la Verge

3.16 MILES

Running parallel to the harbour front, this tiny 400m-long lane is named after the Virgin Mary, though these days it's dedicated more to bacchanalian…