Platges de Cavalleria


This stunning, reddish-golden double-crescent beach sits at the southwest end of far-northern Menorca's Cavalleria peninsula. It's around 500m (a five-minute walk) from the nearest car park, which is 4km south of the Cavalleria lighthouse.

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1. Cala Pregonda

1.93 MILES

Swing west from the Cavalleria headland to reach this curvy gold-sand beauty, which is backed by dunes, part of a marine reserve and considered one of…

2. Far de Cavalleria

2.18 MILES

Standing guard atop abrupt cliffs on Menorca's northernmost tip, this 1857 lighthouse is Spain's oldest. It's signposted from a roundabout 4km south of…

3. Castell Sant Antoni

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‘Castle’ is a grand word for this insensitively restored seaside fort, with its excess of crude concrete. It was built in the 17th century, but demolished…

4. Cala d'Algaiarens

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Tucked between Cala Morell and Cala Carbó on the island's northwest coast, this crescent of powder-soft white sand is fringed by dunes, pines and azure…

5. Cala Mitjana

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Ah, bliss! Pine-brushed cliffs enshroud this silky sugar-white cove, set deep into a headland 7km southwest of Ferreries. Park in the free car park just…

6. Cala Galdana

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About 7km southwest of Ferreries, the beach resort of Cala Galdana sits snugly around a pine-fringed, white-tinged horseshoe-shaped bay, marred by three…

7. Cala Presili

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This pretty, sandy east-coast beach is only reachable on foot: it's 1km southwest of the Favàritx lighthouse car park and signposted.

8. Naveta des Tudons

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Six kilometres east of Ciutadella, Menorca's best-preserved stone burial chamber was constructed around 1000 BC. The remains of over 100 individuals were…