Playa de Rodiles


The beautiful, broad golden sands of 1km-long Playa de Rodiles, backed by eucalyptus trees, front the sea at the mouth of the Ría de Villaviciosa, 10km north of Villaviciosa. Surfers might find a wave to catch here in late summer.

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1. El Gaitero

3.59 MILES

You can immerse yourself in the world of cider at several bodegas around Villaviciosa. El Gaitero, 2km northeast, is one of the biggest and offers the…

2. Iglesia de San Juan de Amandi

5.42 MILES

This fine late-Romanesque church, built in the early 13th century, lies 1.5km south of Villaviciosa. Despite later interventions, including the addition…

3. Museo del Jurásico de Asturias

5.78 MILES

Dotted with Jurassic-era fossils, the Asturian coastline between Gijón and Ribadesella is known as La costa de la los dinosaurios (the Dinosaur Coast)…

4. Iglesia de San Salvador de Valdediós


Don’t miss this beautifully preserved, triple-naved, pre-Romanesque church, built in 893 CE as part of a palace complex for Asturian King Alfonso III. It…

5. Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura

11.65 MILES

Constructed as a Jesuit-run universidad laboral (vocational training centre), the austerely grand 1940s-vintage ‘Laboral,’ 5km southeast of the centre, is…

6. Jardín Botánico Atlántico

11.87 MILES

This verdant botanical garden – featuring 2000 different species – offers a lovely break from the chaotic city centre and is an excellent introduction to…

7. Muséu del Pueblu d’Asturies

12.78 MILES

This museum, 2.5km east of the Plaza Mayor, is devoted to traditional Asturian culture, with exhibits on bagpipes, cooking, carriages and even 19th…

8. Playa de Vega

12.83 MILES

The broad, 1.5km-long sands of Playa de Vega, 8km west of Ribadesella, are among the least known of northern Spain's finest beaches. There are three or…